Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hey, Friends!

I’m such a lucky lady lately!  I won a giveaway from Stitch Bitch!  After watching all her crafts for each day of March, I was loving some of the things she had done, and then she had a giveaway of all things Red-White-Blue.  Look what the winnings included!  When I opened the box, I was surprised that it was in a quart jar nice packaging!  Of all the things, it is hard to pick a favorite, but if you twist my arm I’d have to choose the scissor fob that includes my initial C.  And I just ‘happen’ to have the perfect pair of scissors to go along with it!  Notice that Pixie had to check to see if Stella was inside there someplace…  Thank you so much, “Anna van Schurman” for picking me!  I love the gifts!

I was leaving a comment on Samplers and Santas’ blog the other day, and realized it should be a little rant on my own post!  It started like this…  **Rant  -  “I love to see posts with shops that provide fast service and accurate orders. I don't typically 'announce' those who are slow or have things listed on their site, but don't have them in reality.  Maybe I'm just pi$$y, but come on... how hard can it be to say "out of stock"? Hum... maybe this should be a post instead of a rant on your comment!”  I’m no shop owner, and if I were I might have a different opinion, but if you say, “if an item is Out of Stock we will order it for you unless it says No Longer Available.”  I can make the decision if I want to wait, or not order it.  Shop Owners, the enticements of having OOP (out of print) items, and yes, I will usually see if there’s anything else I’d like from your store, don’t leave a good opinion in my mind.  Okay, that’s it!  -  End Rant**

To end on a positive note… remember those eggs I dyed in an onion-skin dye?  Well, since the liquid was still there, I decided to throw in some Belgium Oyster linen to see what happened.  I really like the results what do you think?

Hope your weekend is beautiful, and that you have a while for stitching.
this is IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) April 20-22.  Check it out to see what it’s all about!

Oh - it's also the New Moon, so it's TuSAL time à

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  Each of your kind words are appreciated!
I'm grateful for shops who really want my continued business!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Lucky you! Love the fabric you the color and variations. Will have to give this a try!

    have a good stitchy weekend....

  2. Well said, Charlene! With technology the way it is, they should be able to let you know if it is out of stock or no longer available!

    Congratulations on your winning the giveaway from the Stitch B*tch! Nice dye job with the linen!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Your dyed fabric looks great. Congratulations on your win, what a lovely package of goodies you received. As for your 'rant' it would be great if suppliers could let you know one way or the other if things are available.

  4. Ooooh, nice prize!!! Love how the onion dyed linen came out too. Beautiful! And on the rant -- I sooooo agree!!!!!!

  5. Congrats on winning the giveaway! And lovely dyed fabric.

  6. well done on the win .. nice goodies you got and love the dyed fabbie too .... and I'm hermitting whoop whoop :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. Love your dyed fabric. What are you going to do with it?

  8. Pixie wants to see what you won! Or claim some of it! I know just twhat you mean about your shop rant. For me, I was recently looking for an old JCS magazine and a 'distributor' advertised that they had it for sale. I ordered it and was so happy to see a manila envelope a while later...only to see that it was NOT the issued I ordered! Their letter said they were out of that issue and they subsituted another issue for me... Hello!!?? I wanted THAT one! Dang! I got my money back but I have yet to find that issue still! Hmpf!! Hugs!

  9. Fantastic win! Good for you. :) I usually stick to the tried and true shops just because by the time I add in shipping & handling, it is costly enough that I want what I've paid for, and that's that!

  10. Winnings for a most deserving lady!!! ygg~~ I agree about the *out of stock* issues...In fact, there are a couple vendors I no longer order from because of that very reason. Just update your website and there is no problem!! sheesh...... I LOVE how the fabric turned out...It is perfect and I can see many a primish piece on it...That was smart of you to "repurpose" your liquid and go for it....

    Rainy and nasty here today.... Make it a great stitchy day!!


  11. Congratulations on you win. I admired those things on her blog too. Yes, there are a few shops I no longer order from because of the out of stock issue. There is nothing more frustrating than ordering 5 items only to have 3 arrive with no explanation beforehand.
    I think you onion dyed fabric looks great!

  12. Your fabric is cool. Good for you with the red, white and blue!♥

  13. Congratulations on the sweet win!
    I totally agree with the RANT :)
    What beautiful fabric, what a great call to take advantage of the leftovers.

  14. What a fun bunch of goodies to win, Charlene--congratulations :)

    You are getting so brave with your dyeing--perhaps I should give it a try on some odds and ends that just don't appeal to me in their present state!

    I'm with you on your "rant"--I have stopped ordering from a couple of shops due to this problem. I stick with the "tried and true" even though, at times, I end up paying a bit more. It is worth it for quick service...

  15. I'm so glad you liked everything. A big old mason jar just seemed right for a stash of red, white, and blue things, I thought! Love the onion skin fabric; may have to try that myself. And, yes, they should be able to tell us about their stock a little better, but maybe that's why so many places are going out of business. They forget to be businesses!

  16. Congratulations on your win -
    I can't say I have much experience dying fabric but yours looks lovely ;)

  17. Great goodies and love how your fabric turned out!

  18. Hey Charlene,
    I know I am late to the party. LOL. Congrats on your win. I know you will put those floss to good use.
    Ditto the rant. I like the onion skin dyeing and tried a piece myself and I like the way it turned out too. I just need to find the perfect pattern for it.
    TFS dear.


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