Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lamb March Continues ...

Hey, Friends!

Even though we’ve passed St. Patrick’s Day, my green has still been on…  Here’s the finish of Prairie Schooler’s St. Patrick’s clover using DMC variations 4045.  

Then there is Bent Creek’s Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  That will be enough, for now and I’m on to a different color…  It was going to be With thy Needle and Thread’s Peter & Peep, but some of the fibers were not in stash, so it will have to wait…

A shopping did I go this month!  Some of the cutest little goodies have arrived in my mail.  Did you see that Myra has created a place to sell some of her lovely crafts called Myra's Handmades?  I was just tickled to get this darling Bird with the lock dangling from his beak and would you believe she whipped up this matching mug mat?  Would you believe they were in my hands in just a couple of days’ time?   

And then there are the precious boxes from Marly at Samplers and Santas.  They were so cute online, but as photos usually are, they are even better in person.  I was able to get exactly the ones I wanted - some of my favorite sampler themes!

There was a new moon this week which means it’s TuSAL time!  Can you spot any of the green?  Remember that mine is displayed over in the right side bar à.  If you’re interested in joining, just link over to DaffyCat’s site!

Thanks for stopping by, today and always!  It does my heart good to know that you’ve been by and to see your kind words!

I'm grateful for rain showers that washed away some of the sticky pollen!
and Happy Stitching


  1. I just love St. Patrick's Day stitching and yours looks wonderful. I am glad you like your bird and mat - I think I need to hire you to do my photography. :o) I have been eyeballing Marly's boxes too, they sure are pretty. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Look at all those cute March stitches!! I love them....Talk about loving, I got some boxes from Marly also and couldn't believe how wonderful they were.... I want more! Myra always does the best handiwork and those birds are no exception...She is a true sewing talent. Good finds!

    Here's hoping your Sunday is great....btw, I just emailed you also......


  3. Love the two St. Patrick's pieces! Very nicely done! You DID go shopping! We have so many talented people in our stitching world! Your purchases are so nice... The birdie with the key is adorable! Hugs!

  4. Your St. Patrick's Day stitching is wonderful! Nice goodies too! I also got some boxes from Marly -- they're wonderful!

  5. I love Prairie Schooler’s St. Patrick’s clover ! Wonderful hue!

  6. I suppose I should thank you for sending me to these shopping sites...Cute stuff!

  7. Love that leprechaun and the clover,too, Charlene! Nice stitching o'the green.

  8. Very cute St. Patty's finishes! Love your shopping purchases too!

  9. Wonderful St. Patrick's stitching and awesome goodies, too!

  10. Super St. Patty's finishes especially the PS clover piece! Love the bird and mat from Myra; super boxes from Marly!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  11. oooo well done on all your green finishes and lovely bird from myra with matching mat too ... love the boxes from marly as well :)
    good week all round then :) love mouse xxxxx

  12. Your March stitchies are darling! I am still trying to finish mine. What great finds you got - the bird is darling, and the boxes are very cool.

  13. Love the PS clover and your boxes. Really cute.

    I'm glad it has cooled down to more seasonal temps. 80's in Cleveland in March just isn't right!

    We're wondering if there will be azaleas blooming at the Masters?


  14. What cute finishes! And your goodies are just the sampler boxes.

    happy stitching...

  15. I've been away helping out my parents again and am just now catching up on my blog reading, Charlene. Your little green goodies are so cute! I've never tried the DMC color variations floss...looks very nice :)

    Such cute things you purchased from Marly and Myra--so many creative people out there!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

  16. Love your March finishes Charlene. They are both so cute.

    Lovely purchases :)

  17. Great green stitches! Isn't Myra's stuff incredible! I love the bird you chose and he looks so cute sitting on the mat.

  18. Love all your green finishes Charlene and you've certainly gone a shopping. My favorites are the mug mats and the band boxes.

  19. Hey darling. I didn't expect to be back so soon. Come on over and grab the Liebster Award.

  20. Adorable finishes!! I like your boxes...great find!!


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