Saturday, February 11, 2012

February should mean snow...

Hey, Friends!
I would like to collect the address and birth date of my cyber friends, so if you would, please email with Full Name, birthday, and postal mailing address.  I promise it’s only for my personal use – not to be sold or used for blackmail.  LOL 
To all my red loving friends, have you been to Modern Folk etsy shop?  They offer pdf cross stitch patterns there, and there are some beautiful ones.  

For the first time I noticed a consignment shop next door to the salon after getting my hair trimmed  Saturday.  There really wasn’t anything I had to have there, but the curtain to the dressing room was quite different.  I’d really love to show you, but why don’t I think to take pictures while out and about?  So many of you share your finds, but my mind goes blank!

I’ve been having fun stitching since we last talked.  First was “Endless Hearts” by ThreadworkPrimitives.   Doesn’t Nan design beautiful projects?  It is stitched on 36ct Toasted Coconut from the Tree of Life Samplings linens. This was the first time I stitched on this linen, and I do love it!  Great job, Jan!  If you want to try some, I believe you’ll have to email Jan.

Next is Lizzie*Kates “A Little Love.”  Again it’s stitched on 36ct Toasted Coconut using the recommended over-dyed fibers.  Fun stitching it was! 

Off to run errands, but there’s a little Birds of a Feather piece in the Q (snaps) to be shared next time.  

I’m excited that we’re having a little cool weather this weekend – there has really been NO winter, and I miss it.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you're having the kind of weekend you love!

  I'm grateful for the designing talents of others!

and Happy Stitching


  1. Everything looks wonderful Charlene. Can't wait to see them finished. I know you will put a dandy of a finish to them. Beautiful.

  2. I love your stitching!! Fantastic and so pretty! I'm on the waiting list for one of Jan's fabrics. I can't wait to get it!

  3. Both your finishes are fabulous! And that toasted coconut linen is very beautiful!

    Robin in Virginia
    rlbrowninva @

  4. Love both the finishes! I think you have all of my info in the PALS folder!

  5. Love your two Val stitches!

    I had pretty much decided that if we weren't going to have real winter, it might as well be that a song? Anyway, today we have six inches of snow, and it's still at it.

    Your blog is looking really nice, too. Love the quotes and gadgets.


  6. The toasted coconut fabric is beautiful! And your stitching is always so lovely. I, for one, am glad that our winter has been a tad warmer than usual. Although, that also has meant more days running the air in my bedroom (it collects all of the heat of the day and doesn't seem to disperse it anywhere, LOL). Hopefully you will have a bit more winter-like weather before Spring hits.

  7. Love your finishes. Nan's design looks so good on that fabric. Will need to add that one to my list. I'm with you and am enjoying some cooler weather!

    happy stitching...

  8. Both are lovely finishes! That fabric is pretty!

  9. Thank you for sharing the link, great little etsy shop. As always you have chosen some lovely designs which you have stitched so beautifully.

  10. Lovely Valentine's pieces - that linen is gorgeous! I am glad to see the cooler weather here too. I am really worried about the sort of summer we will have...probably bugs galore!

  11. Beautiful stitching hun..I love this Lizzie Kate chart and think I have to get it

    Hugs, Shar

  12. Wish you could drive up and share our wintry weekend, Charlene! It hasn't stopped snowing since Friday--just a light, delicate snow and our landscape is lovely :)

    Your Valentine's finish and LK piece are both beautiful...I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love ♥♥♥

  13. Really like the two WIPs you are sharing here. I totally agree....time for some real winter weather. Maybe not too much but I do long for a crisp cold see your breath day.

  14. oooo I don't know which I love the best :) have got the L*K one on my must get list :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  15. Love your two finishes! I am about halfway through my current project so am resisting starting anything more! But these are tempting-ly gorgeous! Hugs!

  16. Beautiful stitching Charlene. Love the linen you stitched Endless Hearts on.

    Enjoy your cooler temps. I was longing for snow and colder weather and I got them! Snow is almost all gone now though.

  17. Love your projects! We finally had a little snow, most of it has melted already. I am actually fine with that and ready for spring!

  18. As always....lovely, lovely work! Gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I came to visit - MY BAD :-(

    February did mean snow for us. In fact, about 13-15 inches of it. Today it's supposed to be above freezing but we'll see....

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. It's good to 'see' you.

  19. Beautiful projects, Charlene! I, yet again, fell down on my plans to do seasonal stitching. I need to get with it for February and get the BBD February stockings finished. Can't wait to see your BoaF piece!


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