Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick Update

Hey, Friends!
Quick update DSs dental surgery went fine.  He was here for a quick visit yesterday.  I was surprised that they now give steroids for what they said was to prevent swelling.  I guess it works because he may have been a tad puffy, but not much at all.  Dad is still about the same.
My sleeping schedule has been really weird lately one night I went to be around 10pm, which is way early for me, and last night, Saturday, I went at 9:30.  What’s up with that?  I kept dozing off, even after a cuppa, so to bed I said.  Then at 4:00am I woke, so I’ve cleared a kitchen counter and had a couple cups, and now I’m here writing. Talk about a day of stitching?
And speaking of stitching, I usually get in a little while waiting for Mom to get her hair done, but things didn’t work out for that yesterday, so I’ve still got a little to go on the last Halloween piece I was working on, but
I could not wait to start Mary Gibson, so here is her beginning.  I did a quick floss toss, and decided on Lakeside 40ct Vintage Misty Rain from my stash, and the recommended DMC fibers.  She’s going to be my WIP while I do smalls for Halloween and Christmas.
Wow there was just a short downpour.  Much needed, and we’ve been fortunate in the last few days to get some.
Thanks for visiting and leaving your kind comments.  I love the smiles they bring! 
Carolina PanthersHave a great Sunday of stitching and your favorite fall activities football??  Best of luck to your team and to mine Things are looking up for our Carolina Panthers!

and Happy Stitching


  1. Good Morning Charlene,
    I am glad to hear that your son's surgery went fine.
    Your Mary start looks wonderful.

  2. Hi Charlene! I am glad to hear your son's surgery went well. Looks like you have a great new start. I too am feeling optimistic about our Panthers.

  3. I'm glad that your son's surgery went well! I love your start on Mary. Oh I wish I stitched faster & could clear up some of these WIPs!

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Good news is always welcome. I know you're relieved.

    Love your new start.

  5. Glad your DS's surgery went well. My sleeping pattern has been kind of out lately too, wonder if it is something in the air or the anticipation of MB in a few weeks.

  6. Very nice start on this lovely sampler!

  7. Good to hear that your son's surgery was successful. Surgery of any sort is always nerve-wracking. My DH faces shoulder surgery this Friday...

    Pretty new sampler, Charlene! I think the fabric you've chosen is perfect :)

  8. Glad to hear your DS is on the mend! Love the border on your newest project.

  9. Glad to hear your DS is on the mend! Love the border on your newest project.

  10. Glad your son's surgery went well, and I'll bet he's glad that's done with.
    Your Mary Gibson start is so pretty.


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