Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Nip in the Air

Hey, Friends!
This morning when I went to take Mom to get her hair done, it was 55 and now it’s 60 at 2:30pm.  A nice cool day nothing better than stitching and sipping a hot cuppa!  I love, love it.
Just stopping in to say things are about the same around here - still going to Mom & Dad’s every day after work to see how they are and what they need.  Going on Tuesday to take DS to get his wisdom teeth removed, so things are just clicking along. 
Doing a little bit of stitching may have longer today for a nice case of Stitch Ass as Siobhan calls it!  Hers will have far better results than mine! After the current fall piece, it may become Christmas for a few days
Speaking of Christmas, my Just Cross Stitch 2011 Ornaments’ issue came this week.  There are some cuties, but I know when I see yours all stitched up and finished, I’ll want to do them all!
I’m loving so many of the fall/Halloween pieces that are coming out now, that didn’t come out in Baltimore.  Oh, and how about that Mary Gibson I saw over at Terri’s place from the Haslemere Museum.  Yes, she’s already in my stash!   I’ve now seen her all over thanks for sharing the love, Terri!
I’m going to visit around your sites a bit, then on to get the stitching day going!  Thanks for dropping in, saying a word or two, and being so kind.  Love y’all bunches!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Just popping in to say Hello and have a great weekend. Hope things go well for DS! Getting those teeth pulled can be a bit painful (well, at least when you are as old as I was ~ 30 ~ when I had mine pulled). Lots of Cream of Wheat and Ice Cream after.

  2. Hi Charlene! Sounds like you're super busy - which is better than being bored huh? Hope things go well & hope to see you next Saturday. :-)

    Have a great "rest of the weekend".

  3. I get Stash Ass quite often, especially at the weekend when I get most of my stitching done. It has been a bit colder here too. Hope your family are doing well, they are surely keeping you busy.

  4. ooo thanks for the cuppa .. just what i needed :) good luck with the wisdom teeth for DS and glad you've managed to get some stitching done too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  5. Your weather sounds like ours! Nothing like morning coffee on a cold, dark, drizzly day. Is that a Fiestaware cup/saucer I see in your post? Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. So happy for some cooler weather! Happy stitching....

  7. Hope you had a great weekend, Charlene. You're right, it does feel like, too. Good stitching weather, eh? Take good care of DS...lots of milkshakes in his future for a bit.

  8. This is my favorite time of year. The cooler weather and all the pretty colors and smells in the air.

  9. I hope your son healed well after his wisdom tooth removal! I had one miserable experience with mine and then when the other three were removed, that went like a piece of cake. My kids all have theirs still because I was told that they keep them until they create problems. ?? Okay, whatever. So far no problems, knock on wood!

    I am jonesing BIG TIME to start Mary Gibson but am trying to be good and finish some stuff before I do another big WIP.

    I hope you are making time for yourself between taking care of everybody else!

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing your start on Mary Gibson, I think she's become a lot of bloggers current sweetheart.


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