Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Stitching!

Hey, Friends!
The question was asked on Ranae’s blog the other day about when to toss a needle with lots of various responses. 
This got me to thinking… why don’t I throw away needles?  Well, as I say over and again my very favorite needles in the world that I’ve tried so far are Bohin needles.  They flow through linen like silk.  Sometimes there will be a little bend in my needles  and it took me the longest to figure out why, but because 99% of the time I use Q-snaps to hold my linen and still want to use the sewing method of stitching.  But that little bend doesn’t make me throw them out they’re just getting broken in by then! 
And then there’s the fact that I usually have one needed threaded for each color in use on a project.  Yep, I’m usually a ‘one project at a time’ stitcher, and I thread a different needle for each color.   I have one of those gadgets especially made for this, but what works best for me is fun foam pinned onto a painter’s canvas.  I print a copy of the symbol and name of the color fibers a project calls for, then pin this down on the ‘pallet’ and it’s ready to go.  The reason for the painter’s canvas is to give space for the needle without making marks in the table top I started using this before my side table was topped with glass.  See all the accoutrements that I need for stitching?  Yours looks similar, I'd bet! 
Surprisingly, as I continued along my blogging path, I ran across this article about a Japanese tradition “to thank their worn out needles and pins for good service.”
I’ve started the fourth BBD Anniversaries of the Heart series, A Wish for You.  Since this is the March piece, and it mentions health and has a rabbit, it will be dedicated to my Dad.  Here’s a photo of the three completed pieces to date.  I was sort of hesitant to start this, to me, BAP, but so far I’ve enjoyed each and every stitch!

The third in the series of Specialty Stitches was the French Knot.  I chose to do these in a thread from Sassa Lynne labeled as Perle-Fine, named Damask.
Feeling a bit of pull on the heart strings, I stitched Be Mine from the Love is in the Air Blackbird Designs booklet.  It’s on 34 count creamy white linen with a couple of color subs for those I didn’t have on hand CC Jakey Brown for GA Clover and CC-Weeping Willow for GA Avacado. 
Time to go blog surfing and see what you’ve all been stitching!  Thanks for dropping in, and leaving your comments and thoughts!  See ya’ soon!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Hi there Charlene. All of your stitching looks absolutely wonderful. I never toss my needles either and love my bent needles. I like your threaded needle idea, but I've got little busy hands that like to bring me my crosstitch and may get my threads mixed up. LOL. One day.
    Thanks for sharing your work dear. I enjoy looking.

  2. Hi Charlene,
    I like the fun foam idea! Seems easier than threading my needle each color change :0)
    Your stitching looks great!

  3. I have one of those needle minder things, but most of my stitching has to go on the road back and forth between Louisville and Elizabethtown, it doesn't really work for me. Someday, when we move back to Louisville, I will drag it out again.

    I really like your AoH piece, and I agree that is a BAP. The colors in Be Mine are just beautiful - love the way the one stitched up.

  4. Your WIPs are looking great!

    I do toss my old needles, generally when they break, LOL! Otherwise, they are reused until then.

  5. Hey Charlene, yes, my work space looks very similar! Love your BBD houses, you are doing so well with these and they look lovely.

    I do throw out needles, but it is usually because I have broken it!!!

  6. Maybe I should try your one needle per color idea, Charlene--it might turn me into a faster stitcher!

    Beautiful stitching--I especially like Love Is In the Air; such soft and delicate colors.

  7. that's a really good idea for those projects that i actually sit there and stitch for a couple days at a time. I am not a one project at a time gal, but when i get to stitching on just one, i really like that idea. great stitching!

  8. Your AoH is looking great, the more I see these designs, the more I like them and think it would be something that I might like to stitch. But as you say it is a BAP. I have one of the needler minders for when I stitch on a large project and I also have a neoprene carry case for it. Unfortunately, the needles sometimes get broken or really bent, and they have to be thrown out. This is the only time that I throw out any needles, when they get broken.

  9. Beautiful stitching as always. Your AotH are looking gorgeous.

  10. Love, love the stitching. Some friends and I might be heading down to the shop this Sat. to pick up some Market items, They're the closest fully packed LNS to us now!!

  11. More beautiful stitching! I love that Be Mine one.

  12. That's a neat idea to do the chart for all the different threaded needles. I use one needle and just change as I go.

    Nice progress on your WIPs! I love AotH and was SO hoping to see pics of the final block and bonus blocks this weekend, but hopefully soon!

  13. beautiful stitching I love your AOTH I am currently working on these too

    great idea about the threaded needle for every colour


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