Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Sunshine

Hey, Friends!
We were lucky enough to miss the predicted snow this week and I hope you were, too!  Just 20 miles SE yes, South East of us, the report was ground and trees covered with a blanket of white, but it certainly didn’t last too long.  The predictions for the weekend are up to 60~ at some point.  That’ll be nice just seeing the sunshine for a few hours will be nice, too!
During my stitching this week on the Blackbird Designs Bonus Chart I realized that the small ‘L’ was omitted.  I mentioned it on the BBD Yahoo Group, and someone pointed out that the small ‘W’ was as well.  I looked over at the BBD blog, but could find no mention of it being intentional.  I know that has been done with reproduction samplers to make them more authentic, and just wondered if there was a plan in this design.
I did a bit of online shopping this week, and was SO happy when my package arrived so quickly from Brenda at Country Stitches As I told her, I will be a lot more likely to shop with her again because of the lovely products and the quick arrival of the items. 
** Rant * There’s just something that really puts me off about having to wait, and wait, and wait for an order.  I’ve had two orders in the last few months that I thought may have been lost.  I do realize there was bad weather in many parts of the country, and did allow for that.  Then there’s the issue of backorders!  Would it be such a huge task to mark the items that have sold out not that you couldn’t order, but that you’d know it will be a while before they’re available?  If it’s on the list of items, I think you have it in stock.  **
I have been negligent in visiting everyone lately.  I’ll try to get around to see you very soon!  Thank you for continuing to visit with me, and I really appreciate your comments!

and Happy Stitching


  1. Pretty stitching! We got a small blanket of white, but nothing on the roads and it was gone by lunchtime. 75 in about a week - yahoo!!! It may not last, but what a welcome reprieve.
    I'm with you on the waiting. DSL, 123stitch, and Wyndham Needleworks rarely ever make you wait, because they keep items in stock. Some ONS' post the chart and then order it when you do, which they don't tell you. I'll not name on your blog the ones that drive me crazy, but they're notorious! I love it when I've ordered 20 items and they hold the entire order up for weeks waiting for the one. Just charge the postage twice - I'll pay it (real postage, that is, for the second one - not the inflated one. I'll only pay that one once.)
    Oops - looks like I ranted, too!

  2. Thanks for the good review of Country Stitches. I'm going to go look them up!

  3. Glad you missed the brunt of the storm. We are beginning to melt in Tulsa and should be at normal or above normal temp this week. Go figure!

    I usually don't have to place an order as there are several wonderful LNS in Tulsa, but several weeks ago I placed an order to Stitching Bits and Bobs. They had everything and pkg arrived in 4 days. Would order from them again.

  4. Your stitching looks great. I hate having to wait for things too, but because I live in a small village in the far north things always do take quite a while to get here. Our weather is getting sunnier too and the days are getting a bit longer. It is 5pm and still daylight.

  5. Sixty degrees sure sounds wonderful! Not that we've had snow but lots of grey and rain. There's something about the low forties and rain that seems really chilly. I agree, waiting for backorders is a drag, especially if you're not aware that the item isn't in stock. I also get annoyed by huge postage costs for small orders.

  6. Barely 60 degrees, but sunny here in SW Florida. I agree with your rant;sellers need to Communicate with the buyer & keep the 'in stock' data up to date, that is basic retailing. Brenda @ Country Stitches is very good to buy from, as is The Sampler Girl & Anita's Little Stitches. My break is done, back to stitching.

  7. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Love your latest WIP...interesting that the letters are omitted.

    Happy stitching....and Happy Valentines day!

  8. Glad you missed the snow. I know I've had enough to last me the rest of the winter. I understand your frustration in waiting. If you are like me then you want it now. I've been waiting on a chart for over a month from 1 online retailer. There is a blog of shame for bad exchangers....Maybe we should make one for bad retailers. LoL!

  9. Enjoy your coming 60 degree weather, Charlene! It is even supposed to get up to 50 here this weekend and I'm excited about that :)

    I know exactly what you mean about waiting and waiting for an order. Would it be too much for them to at least email you and give you an estimate of the delivery date. There are two shops that I've pretty much given up ordering from because it has taken literally two months before I got my order...

    Love the colors and fabric in your newest piece :)

  10. We missed the predicted snow too and are having slightly warmer temps now. By the songs from the birds I would say Spring is most definitely on the way!

    Enjoy stitching your Blackbird Designs piece, and I agree 100% on having to wait for an order! If someone takes too long I just quit ordering from them.

  11. Happy nice weather is on the way. I too like the designs from Country Stitches. Yes, if it is on the internet, a mere expectation is that it is stock. I too wonder if the "l" and the "w" was intentional and part of the plan.
    BBD is looking good.
    In your last post... I store my DMC threads the same as yours for the past ten years and wouldn't change it. I works very well for me.
    Looking forward to see more of your progress.
    Take care.

  12. Your bonus chart looks lovely. I love the colours. It'll be interesting to know if the l and w are missing intentionally.

    Oh I hear you on the waiting. I don't mind if I know it has to be special ordered or they let you know straight away that they don't have it in stock but it's annoying when places can't be bothered to let you know. I've had that on a few occasions. Certainly puts me off ordering again. Thank you for the heads-up on Country Stitches. It's always nice to know about the good ones :)

  13. I could go for some nice weather right about now! It's gloomy and rainy outside.

    Nice work on the bonus chart!

    I hear you on the ordering. I stick to my tried and true places. What bugs me the most is if I preorder something, say before Market, and then don't get it till WAY after Market. I know things are busy but I click the order button and then set up camp by the door, waiting on the mailman. Because, you know, I have nothing else to stitch. ;)

  14. Oh.. I feel you pain with the snow!! Omaha has had their fair share and more!! I so agree about waiting and waiting for an online order. I had to call one shop 2 times to see where I was in their lineup of mailing out orders after a big sale(it took one day short of a month)...and just a few weeks later they had another big sale so I can't imagine how long those orders will take!
    I work at a framing/cross stitch store but still love to order online when I see something we don't have. (BTW....always happy to help if I can!)
    Love the BBD you are working on!


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