Saturday, January 22, 2011

A finish, a start, and a SAL

Hey, Friends!
It has been a busy work week so much that I didn’t even venture out for Stitch Night this week not that I didn’t stop by the LNS to pick up the new Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart, Pumpkin Farm, and a couple of BBDs that were in the sale bin! 
What is the finish?  It’s the December Cardinal ornament from Victorian Sampler Button Up Birdies series (I meant to pick up number two and forgot it).  I used HDF silks and some DMC rayon to get the sheen I wanted.  It called for red beads, but I wanted the snow to show up more, so I used beads there.
The SAL is with a Yahoo group called The Stitch Specialists.  Abi is the moderator/owner of the group, and she is offering a SAL that will teach a number of special stitches.  The first in the series, to get us going, is the trunk of the tree in cross stitch.  I’m using 28ct Irish linen in Tea and started with DMC Variations 4140.  Each ‘limb’ of the tree will focus on a different stitch.
And the new start?  It’s the continuation of BBD’s Anniversary of the Heart series, Valentine Rose.  It is a very tiny start - the green.  There would be more if I hadn't had to take most of it out - I missed the change in design along the border there.  I’m enjoying being a part of the BBD Yahoo group - a great gathering of very nice stitchers!

I did set up a new system for my fabric, some graphs, and threads.  They’re now in rolling plastic-drawer bins.  They're not the most lovely things, but they are practical for me.  I can drag the whole thing around, or pull out one drawer and take it along. 
There are graphs in these.  They're by season, holiday, or theme...


These are fabrics, and this drawer has the 32ct and higher . 

The top drawer here IS   reserved for BBD graphs (my new obsession)!

And these are special fibers - the DMCs are in plastic tool chests*.
You will note that I didn't say "organized" within the system.  These are Vikki Clayton's silk Hand-Dyed Fibers. Once I asked her about a certain color, and she asked what design I was using it for.  When I said, none, I just like the color, she laughed ... 

These are silk on wooden spools - often called Buttonhole Twist - that I've collected over the years.  I used them primarily when doing embroidery on crazy quilts.  They are mostly Belding - Hemingway, Coats & Clark or Corticelli.
 These are a variety of miscellanous silk fibers.  The ones on the big cardboard spools are what is sold today as buttonhole twist, but it's not quite the same as the fiber on the tiny wooden spools.  The little black spools are Krenikik, Soie Perlee - don't know if they make it any more.
These are again some old fibers that I collected when I was into tatting.  They're mostly cotton, but a few lovely silks on the wooden spools.  They're smooth and so fine to touch.
One of these days we'll have show and tell with some buttons!  I hear your question, and No, there is hardly anything that has to do with needle arts that I don't love!  
*- the DMCs are in plastic tool chests.  Well, they were.  While moving things about the other day I knocked over one of the chests that fell into the other and pushed half the drawers out, and then I grabbed for it, the others fell out, too.  They're still spread out in there, but I'll get over it one day and put them all back in order!  NO, I'm not showing you that but will show you how they did look.
The forecasters are saying we may be in for more snow Monday or Tuesday.  It’s not that I love snow so much, as you probably guessed, but I really do enjoy the extra stitching time if we don’t have to work!  And since I’m not working today, enough dilly-dallying I’m off to do a little more blog visiting then on to stitching!  
Thanks for coming by today.  I look forward to hearing your Needler’s Point and checking in to see what you’ve been up to lately!
and Happy Stitching



  1. Hey Charlene, I love seeing how you are organizing your stash!! Very good ideas and I especially seeing those wooden spoools with threads....I wish I had every wooden spool I had ever thrown away!! I too am in love with AoTH by BBD...That has been my focus this week and I absolutely could not put it down! (Will post tonight...) I pray there is no bad weather, but looks like you guys will get it, sending it on to us Tues/Wed....cross your fingers not!! Take care and keep up the great work~~~ Faye

  2. Enjoyed your little blog today. I am an organizeaholic and have bins and shelving everywhere. Went to get some more bins today. I'll have to blog about that one day. I am in love with BBD as well, just as of last week and have already purchased a number of them. We got everyone's bad weather today. We are having a blizzard as we speak.

    Good luck on your next project.


  3. What a great idea for organization. I seem to get it organized and then the next day its a mess again. How does that happen? LOL!
    If you get snowed in again at least you'll have time to re-organize your DMC. :-)
    Take care!

  4. Your shameless enabling has got to stop. That Cardinal design just went into my cart...along with about six other VS designs. *sigh*

  5. I can't decide what to say first! I know this is going to be a lonnnnggg comment. Well, first, I really like your cardinal and that tree looks like that is going to be really interesting to do, and ending up looking very nifty!

    I probably have spent more time in organizing than in stitching. Yes, I am as anal as they come. Like your ideas of drawers, might get some of them. It was really neat seeing all those different types of threads! And, I didn't know that you tatted. I have always wanted to learn how. I have a how to book, but have been afraid of opening it - LOL Isn't it amazing all the stash we collect? Mine veers more to the knitting and crocheting and needlepointing, but it all just keeps growing.

  6. Great little finish! Love your organizational system! My problem with organizing is then I can't seem to find it! Works best if it is all out in front of me....

    Hope you get no snow....ready for some spring. happy stitching on your Anniversaries...

  7. Ooohh--I love that little cardinal piece, Charlene! Hadn't seen that one before...

    It is nice to see how you've organized your stash and supplies--and I'd love to see your button collection some day, too :)

  8. Lovely finish.
    You've got me hoping for snow tomorrow (and I hate the stuff unless it's on Christmas cards!)just so that I can organize my stash too!

  9. Love that cardinal! I am just going to have to check out BBD.....

  10. First time (I believe) at your blog and I feel like I am at home! I enjoyed reading and seeing all about your organizing. I am a wannabee organized person, just haven't found the right system for me, but that doesn't mean I have quit trying! Most of all, I love messing with my stash!

    Love your little finish too, I will be returning!

  11. Oh my goodness, I love that cardinal! They are my favorite bird. Beautiful! I love seeing your organizing. I'd love to see some of your crazy quilts! I'd love to do some of my own but just keep stitching. ;) Nice start on the BBD!

  12. Wow, Charlene, my what lovely stash you have!! And your stitching is beautiful too! Aren't you just loving Abi's tree? It's an enjoyable stitch. I like Black Bird Designs too and lately am getting quite a collection...darn those designers coming up with such wonderful patterns...what's a girl to do? I think I might have to take your organization ideas and do some organizing of my own...thanks for the ideas! *Hugs*


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