Saturday, December 8, 2007

Organizing Threads

There were some questions about the storage container I mentioned during a recent post, and someone (Courtney) asked if I'd post a picture of it and the shoe box containers as well. Here they are... I'll post more after I've gone through organizing my sewing room again, probably after Christmas.

This is the 60-drawer unit I got from Northern Tools in which to sort DMC threads numerically.

This is just a closer picture of the drawers that are occupied.

This is the five-drawer rolling cart I use for my 'fancy' threads,

and this is the plastic 'shoe box' to separate colors or make more convenient to carry to the working area - usually in front of the TV.


  1. Damn woman! You have more thread than WalMart. I'm speechless (awe, awe, awe). Nice organizing job :-)

  2. I'm glad to see that all is not straight and tidy within each drawer. I'd give up on you, then. =) Looks to me as if you need to go shopping for more thread. =)

  3. So your skeins aren't on bobbins or anything else, just laying in the drawer? Man that's brave! Especially when you have more then one color number in a drawer. What do you do with the extra bits you have left over?

  4. Thanks for providing a link to the site for the storage drawers! I think I'm gonna check with our local hardware stores and see if they have them - what a fabulous idea! (Now if only the manufacturer would start making them in white or some other color to appeal to all us crafters, instead of just grease-hiding gray! = ) Thanks again! --Carolyn in VA (on wXSw)

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