Sunday, July 11, 2010

TuSAL Update

What, two posts in one week?  That is not usual for me, but didn’t want to wait until next week to post my TuSAL since today, July 11, is the New Moon. So here’s my updated TuSAL for July.  The bottom part of the container is for tags and other miscellaneous useless bits.  If you're interested in participating in the TuSAL project, link over here. I just read on someone’s blog that there will be an eclipse today, but a little research tells that it will only be visible in a small area near Easter Island. 
Tanya Anderson has recently combined several of her online yahoo groups into one called Night Owl Stitchers.  Here is the logo for the group that I finished yesterday into a little pyn pyllow.  Oh, Karen - that is a piece of (not one of my hobbies)scrapbooking  paper.
Hope there was a bit of rain in your part of the world if you need it.  Thanks for dropping by again, and I’d love to hear your thoughts today!
d Happy Stitching!graphicCharleneSC


  1. Lovely stitching, as always Charlene.

    It certainly sounds like you are enjoying your summer!

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

  2. How awesome is that TU SAL container? Way too cool, Charlene ~ I love it!

    Very fun pin pillow too, really cute finish!

  3. Cool container, Charlene, and a cute owl, too!

  4. Love the cute pyn pillow! BTW, beware the chinese comment above ~ don't click on it. Apparently it leads to a porn site and virus!!!

  5. Your pin-pillow finish is sooo cute.

  6. Charlene that's a cute little finish!

  7. 安安唷~~幸運的日子送給妳(你)滿滿的幸福,也祝福你天天都開心唷..................................................................

  8. The count of posts doesn't matter, sometimes I have 1 a week, sometimes 1 a month, sometimes everyday one ;-)

    I love your TUSAL, what a nice container you have for it.

  9. What a cute little pyn pillow! And your container is very unique!

    I enjoyed reading some of your older posts, and I'll be back!


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