Sunday, June 27, 2010


…and the living is HOT
The last comment I made about weather was “…not dreadful, but hot.”  Well, has that ever changed.  It has been dreadful for the last couple of weeks.  I heard something like we have had over 15 days of 90+ with high humidity but NO rain.  One time yesterday I got in the car and it was 101.  Now that’s summertime!!
Getting ready for time off work!  Yeah – I’m off until Tuesday, July 6. I’m having a staycation, and loving the thoughts of it.  Yesterday I ran over to a new place, Shops @ the River (?)  It’s a group of shops under one roof, and there are some nice things there.  I got a couple of stacking rings, and a very pretty dish – to display something … buttons, ribbons, something pretty and colorful?
Update on the lawn mower situation – insurance will cover the loss with depreciation – and when I purchase they will issue another check to cover replacement cost.  I did finally get someone to give me a quote, so I got him to put me on his every-other-week schedule.  Hope he comes back this week… 
Yes, I’ve been stitching a bit and I’ll show you, but won’t say much about it except it has been really fun stitching!

I got a message today with the dates of the Fall Weekend Retreat with Clara Blaylock: September 17-19, 2010 in Rock Hill, SC, sponsored by my LNS, The Stitch and Frame Shop.  It’ll be fun… hope to see you there!
Hope you’re having a great weekend, staying cool and doing things with the people you love most.
d Happy Stitching!graphicCharlene


  1. Have fun on your staycation and try to stay's too hot too early!

    Love your finishes...can't wait to see the finishing.

  2. Lovely stitching projects, I especially like the green one.

    It is horribly humid and hot here, too. We get thunderstorms almost everyday which does cool the temps a little, but makes it so humid it is hard to breathe.

    Hope you get some relief from the temps soon.

  3. You're roasting and it's still not very warm here. It's sure be nice for some middle ground! Enjoy your time off, and stay cool!

  4. 101 here today...again this week and I've only been home four days! Got in my car after church this AM and with the car being on pavement, the OUTSIDE temp there in the sun was 113 - WHAT??? Wonder what in the world it was in the car - stifling. But at least it dropped once we got away, but that's hot!!
    I was really hoping to get to the retreat this year, but we have a conflict right now. I guess we'll see later.
    Lovely stitching and have a great time off!

  5. Very pretty stitching Charlene and I have enjoyed reading your blog! I'll keep in touch! thankyou. x

  6. I want a staycation!!! I'm self-employed and if I don't work, I don't get paid so time off is limited. Hope you have lots of fun! Love the peek at your stitching ~ can't wait to see the rest.

  7. Whew that's hot! I wish it would stop raining!!! Or threatening to rain! We haven't had a beautiful weekend in at least a month now!

    Your stitching looks so pretty... biscornus?

  8. Oh, that heat sounds horrid, Charlene. Our humidity and heat broke yesterday and it is supposed to be a pleasant mid-70s through the weekend. YAY!

    Pretty stitchings--love the pink!

  9. Don't ya just love this weather?? First the heat and now the storms! Love your stitching. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Have I asked before: do you live anywhere close to me?? Am in Lexington. Maybe we could meet one day?? Would love some insight into places to shop since I have only been here since Aug. Thanks


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