Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June End Thrifting

So many days of blazing hot weather…  Today’s anticipated high is 98, and right now it’s 92 with what ‘feels like’ 99 according to the local paper’s Weather Bug.
When I was a child, we didn’t have air conditioning.  I remember that it was hot, and we ran and played outside under the big shade trees in our yard.  I remember being called inside after dark to have a bath and watch Perry Como or Andy Williams on TV with Moma – oh and the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings …  Then, when it was bed time the windows were thrown open wide, and the window fan was turned on, and the curtains stood out with a glorious breeze flowing over the bed and body.  Now I sleep with the ceiling fan to feel a breeze, not brave and daring enough to sleep with windows open even if it were cool enough.  Now I hear the AC pumping its life away, just trying to keep the house cool enough to … live.  
That was yesterday when I began this post, and today at 12:15 pm it is 77. What a change?  There were some thunderstorms yesterday, but doesn’t look like much rain – at least not here.  It’s cloudy today, so maybe there’s another chance. 
Instead of doing needful things around home, I took some thrifting time – thinking perhaps the options would be better during a weekday.  Ah ha – is that the secret?  I had to get off a package in the mail, then went to the first place.  Oh, was it hot in there – but did find a couple of pretty creamers and more sheet music.
On to the next stop – where I found several things…  metal sorter for papers or charts, a large snifter, a variety of cross stitch magazines (like I need more), a pretty .50 frame, and a fall pine cone platter, and an assortment of .10 items - perforated paper, a wooden hoop, a terry hanging towell.
Finally the Good Willie’s where I found this cute green box.  It has Commonwealth Plastics on the bottom with a pilgrim type figure.  Thought it would be good for sorting little charms or buttons…
Going to try something new with photos… may come back to individuals if we don’t like this display.  Let me hear what you think.
I hope you can stay cool where you are, and have loads of fun, too.
d Happy Stitching!


  1. When we got up today it was only 53which is a tad cooler than you are, eh? This has been a very odd "summer" for us thus far. Folks here start to wilt in the mid eighties, but a little warmer would be kind of nice. All of our new garden plantings are hibernating..... Have a great Fourth and enjoy your time off. We are headed to BC.

  2. We finally cooled down here for a couple days, but it's suppose to go back into the 90's in a couple days.

    Love all your thrifty finds especially the cup with the xstitch design.

  3. Wish you could have sent some of the "cooler" weather south to is still too hot and humid! Hope for cooler days tomorrow.

    Love your thrift finds....happy stitching and happy 4th.

  4. Dang right its been TOO hot down here in the Carolinas....Ihave been at Cherry Grove SC for 3 weeks and didnt escape the heat from NC here!!! It was a little more bareable today...... I love the finds...especially the green box. I see my charms, buttons and special embellishments in it!! AND,, those vintage mags....Girl you did good!!!

    I had to step back in time reading your post about the days of growing up where you come in at dark and then those fans in the windows filled the room with a soothing breeze.....I still remember those days....and I'm OLD!! Thanks for making me pause and reflect back...

    Here's hoping your 4th is safe and filled with good times....Enjoy!!


  5. I really am wanting to go thrifting! Between you, Deb and Terry....I've got a hankering!

  6. I have to say, this cooling down is very welcome! But by next Tues. and Wed., it's supposed to be 96 and 98. So it won't last long. Methinks the same weather is coming to you, too!
    Love the new little goodies!

  7. It ate my message! OK take #2...
    Hey Charlene! It was so good getting to see you Monday night! I have really missed the get togethers!
    I love the biscornus you have been working on. Who is the designer?
    I am so glad the lawn mower saga is going to have a happy ending!
    Now my email has been hijacked too. How did you contact yahoo when yours was taken over? So agrivating!
    You have to tell me where you go thrift shopping cause you find some of the cutest things!!
    Talk to you later! Take care!

  8. I guess we should not complain about our 80s temps, even though they are high and humid. I don't like 90s. I'm more of a fall girl. Memories..I'm with ya..can't sleep with the windows open because of the local TRAIN! Have a great 4th!


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