Saturday, March 20, 2010

Signs of Spring

It’s been a while since I posted, but there’s not that much to show for all the time passed!  Do you believe that I’ve been sicker in the past four months since I quit smoking than for the last 10 years?  How can that be?  I quit in November – had the flu in November and an awful intestinal virus in March.  Oh, so awful – lost eight pounds – but you’d never look at me and see it.  Do you think it’s because the lungs are clearer and you breathe in more germs?  One doc told me it was because the lungs are so busy cleaning themselves they can’t protect as well for a while.  Don’t know the facts, just that it seems so!
The last new moon was Monday, March 15, so here’s my TuSAL for the month.  Note the beautiful sunshine outside the window?  If you’re interested in joining the Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long, you can join here.
Signs of Spring … Not only is the temperature supposed  to be in the low 70’s this weekend, but there are buds and blooms around as well.  The tiny daffodils are usually the first to show their bright little faces.
Remember in a previous post that I’ve dropped out of the Weather Poems Round Robin?  Take a look here at what tempted me to join.  Jo has done a fabulous job, hasn’t she? 
This does not prevent me from wanting to do more… I saw the finish of Jan’s ‘Lettre F’ design by Gigi, and had to have the ‘Lettre C.’  If you would like to be tempted, have a look here … and she is working on more .  If you’d like to see some already stitched, click here.
During that week off work being sick, didn’t even feel like stitching – now that’s a real waste of time; right?  After the worst, I did a bit of weekend stitching and some finishing on a project.  Next weekend is Camp Stitchaway – the stitching retreat of my LNS, The Stitch and Frame Shop.  I’m excited and really looking forward to getting away with that single focus – stitching!  Last year’s project was a small stitching tray. 
Meg’s challenge to us was to create a larger tray before this year’s event.  Well, mine isn’t perfect, but it is finished.  I really wish I’d used a different color thread for the piece, but that is hind-sight.  The tray is an inexpensive one from Hobby Lobby that I’ve painted, sanded, and urethaned.  The altoid tin is my first, using Plum Street Samplers, Lovely You, as the top cover.  I got the idea of the Pin Ball from Blackbird Designs using an unfinished napkin ring painted with the same tray paint process.  The little birdie motif came from one of The Stitcherhood designs. 
I also finished the OakHaven Design March SAL.

That's it for today.  I'm going to get ready to take Ms. Pixie for her checkup at the vet, then to ramble around enjoying the gorgeous weather!  Thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind words for me.  I really do appreciate them all.     
d Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your stitching tray! What a neat idea; one I would not have thought of at least, lol. I especially like the little froggy sitting on the Whitman's tin. hehe ;D

  2. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Charlene. Hopefully, the warmer spring-like weather will have you feeling like a new person in no time :)

    Love the tray and I think you chose a perfect color--great job!

  3. My goodness, Charlene, what gorgeous stuff! Beautiful stitching and finishing.

  4. Isn't is horrible being too sick to stitch!! Take care of yourself and enjoy all the little signs of spring around you.

  5. Hey Lady! Love the tray & can't wait to see it in person! Wish I had one! (hint, hint ~ I like purple!) LOL

    Great Job on the OHD SAL! pictures don't do it justice.

    So glad I got to see you on Tues! No news yet, so keep fingers crossed! I'll hopefully see you on Friday!

  6. Ohh!~ Love the tray
    I hope you get feeling better

  7. Charlene, so sorry about the sickness - take some echinacea you get yourself really well for the retreat. Love the tray, have been wanting to do one since I saw a chart for one on the Violarium website. Have a great time with your stitching chums!

  8. I had just the same problems when I quit smoking too but now I am much healthier with no problems at all this winter! Stick with it, it really is worth it.

    Love your tray and the tin is soo cute! Enjoy your retreat.

  9. Feel better soon, Charlene! And thanks for the award; I have been really behind on blogging after 10 days away. Looks to me like you've been busy stitching even though you say you haven't!

  10. Hoping that once your body gets used to it all, those immunities will come back and protect you! HL sells those trays - I've been looking for somewhere to find them. Hope you have a fantastic weekend retreat and gets lots of friend and stitching time! Great progress on your stitching!

  11. I just sent you an email but wanted to let you know that I stopped by to look around.

    Mostly, I just wanted to listen to your music - it's awesome!!!

    Miss ya girlfriend :-)

  12. Hope you get to feel better soon.

  13. Fun projects. A stitching tray? Cute idea. I enjoyed stopping by your blog.


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