Sunday, September 13, 2009


Such lovely weather we've had in South Carolina recently!  It's beginning to feel a bit like fall.  This is my gauge - it's a red dogwood, and when its leaves begin to turn, I'm ready for fall! 

Today is the last day of sta-cation, and don't intend to do anything except this and stitch!  Would you believe yesterday was my first-ever participation in a yard sale?  A girlfriend was having one, and she lives WAY out of my area in another town, so I thought there wouldn't be much traffic.  Well, at the other 'end' of her road is a main artery, and there was LOTS of traffic.  I didn't do so much - think I cleared about $5.00 - but she and a couple of others made over $100s.  But back to fallish - it was very cool (jacket) in the morning, but by 2:00 when we were packing and cleaning, I had shed the jacket and was dripping!  That's fall in SC.  By mid-morning today, there's a nice breeze, the sky is beautiful, and the sun is bright! 
I finished another little project for Stitching Smalls with Friends.   It's a freebie, Little Miss Witch, from Krenick, designed by Pam Kellog.  Of course it is my version using DMC and a little 14ct dyed fabbie from Joan called Winter Evening.
Over at Leslie's blog the other day, she posted, Why Do We Blog?  Thought inspiring - Why do I blog?  It's really a means to share the things I love and enjoy with like-minded folks.  It's out there for anyone to find and see, but I don't always share the link with everyone.  There's not anything I would care for others to see, but just don't think they would be THAT interested.  I don't post a lot of political-type opinions...well I'm not that into politics.  Of course I have my ideas, but don't think they're that radical or different than anyone elses.  I have a Facebook, but don't do much there.  It was really created just so I could see what friends are saying and doing.  So, how about you?  Why do YOU blog, or Facebook, or any other social networking that you do?
OK - I'm off to finish up making my blog rounds, then to stitching!  Thank you for coming by today, and hope you'll come back soon!!


  1. Cute little witch, Charlene. Her green face makes me think of "Wicked"!

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Love your little witch, and the biscornu from previous post.

    Autumn/Fall is coming here too, the wind has changed this week to its winter direction....we will soon be having frosts.

    I like to blog because I just love to talk, and blogging is another medium for it, and the things I love.


  3. I'm so glad to hear that you have enjoyed your time off. It's odd how we so look forward to it and then sometimes just can't get there emotionally when the time comes.

    You also really freaked me out with the profile photo change. Goodness, I didn't even recognize you. LOL.


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