Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Crazy Week

So crazy at work - and having to do a couple hours from home in the evening just seems to have me in a constant work mode. I will probably become more accustomed to it after a while, but now it seems like all work and no play!

I did finish Random Threads last week. The dark colors are subtle, but I still think it's a pretty piece.

Also started a new project: Gateway to Summer by Water's Edge, Dobbie Marek. I'm using DMC floss and Monaco 28 ct Tea. I'm already not crazy about this Monaco, but it was in the stash, and the color is good, it's just the 'hand' I'm not wild about. This will be a seasonal set one of these days...

Going blog hopping now. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again, soon!



  1. Great finish and lovely stitching on your new one. :)

  2. Random Threads turned out really well, Charlene. Are you going to frame it? I will be anxious to see how your new project works up. It sounds like you're working very hard these days? Hope that leaves you a little "me" time to do what you enjoy!

  3. Love your finish Charlene.

    I hope your week this week is a little less crazy.


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