Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's a Girl to Do?

Today is my DS's 28th birthday! Happy Birthday - you own my heart!

These occassions make me wonder how parents and children can age so, yet I stay about the same. It's that old question of why we don't really 'feel' the age we are. When does that begin? Around 30? I'm 55, but in my heart and mind don't really seem that old. Think back to your elementary teachers... One was 'young' so I imagine she was around 22-25. The others were 'ancient' so they were probably 40-50. But remember how they looked? That gray, blue, or pinkish waved perm? The blouse with lace buttoned up the neck? The skirt, full and down to near the ankle? The black or brown shoe with an inch or two heel, both hight and width. Mrs. Hutchinson was bold and brazen - she had a bone color!! Now, think about your grandkids teacher! Doesn't she look 15 with her jean capris and flip flops? I could go off to another place here, but I won't. So now that I'm thinking of letting the color grow off my hair to see exactly what color it really is, I wonder -- will I look like Mrs. Hutchinson? Na... I don't have any bone 'sturdy' shoes!!

On to what I've been stitching. One of the things I love about the ASAW project from Abi and Val at the Friendly Stitchers' group is the weekly projects are small, and when you can't make up your mind which project you want to start ... you can do a few of these -- especially when you started late and are behind like me -- they've issued week 29; I've done 14 ). Here's an update for you of where I am now.

The grids for these little gems are 20 x 20, so to show a bit of perspective of how tiny they really are...

A close up of a few...


Frog pond

Flower vase

Blue Bird House

I have now decided on which project to begin next. I know, this isn't one I've mentioned before, but I've been admiring it from other stitchers' work and you know how easily I'm tempted... It's Little House Needlework's, "The Sampler Lady". I'm following the suggestions for fabric and fibers, using 28 ct Light Examplar Linen from Lakeside Linens and Crescent Colours and DMC fibers. This is where I am, stitching for two evenings.

And finally today, Michelle has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. I don't know how in the world she selected me with all the beautifully crafted blogs out there, but I am honored! Thank you, Michelle. With this award comes the daunting task of passing it along to seven others. Wow, how does one choose? I guess you just go for it, so...

There's Lody, who creates wonderful designs for The Gift of Stitching on-line magazine, which is owned by Kirsten.
I frequently visit the busy Dani's blog, and she has recently updated it - even her photo so I almost didn't recognize her!
I love, love to visit Barb Adams and Alma Allen's blog, Blackbird Designs - such glorious photos of stitching and other lovelies.
Plum Street Samplers is another blog I enjoy - not only wonderful designs, but her love of family and photos, too! Paulette will be having an anniversary giveway beginning on Sunday, so hop over for a visit to enter!
I enjoy visiting my "neighbor" in NC, Carolyn's blog. She and her stitching group recently took a European trip, and she's been sharing the wonderful sights with us recently!
Now there's my talented friend, Gerry. I met Gerry on a Crazy Quilt group, and she doesn't cross stitch, but her talents are many!

Thanks for visiting today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and Come back again!!



  1. Thanks, Charlene! You are very sweet. I love your little projects and as far as I'm concerned, everything LHN does is wonderful! SL will be lovely!

  2. Thank you so much for the award Charlene. I enjoyed browsing your finishes, and love the ASAW one.:)

  3. That ASAW project is very nice, Charlene, as it seems to have a lot of interesting stitches in addition to cute designs! Your new sampler looks challenging... Thanks for some nice links!

  4. Thank you Charlene for your award! I'm very honored. Love your Little Gen project! They are so sweet.

    Congrats on your award too!

  5. Awww thanks for the award! Yup I sure am busy right now!!!!

    Great new start!


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