Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stitching Update

Yesterday was Mom's birthday, so Mom, Dad, and DS came over for BBQ's. Her sister was invited, but she wasn't feeling well, so she didn't make it. Mom is the cutest! Friday is her 'hair day' so she was all dolled up. Someone at work (and I did say work... she works at Walmart as a greeter) asked her how old she is, and she told them they needed to mind their own business. Yep - she hates for anyone to know her age. I've told her she has to be careful because I'm about to catch up to her :-). I'm so bad, I forgot to take pictures! Let me see if I can find something recent... She's been having lots of eye problems, and it's so frustrating for her. Hopefully the new doctor she's going to can help get her seeing better soon. Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you!!
Here's the update of where I've gotten on The Sampler Lady as of last night. She's fun to stitch!



  1. Hope you had a wonderful celebration, Charlene! I like your new project.

  2. How awesome to have your mom so bright and active. Hope she can work her eye problems out. My mom's retina specialist has worked wonders for her; her hemorrhaging was pretty bad, so there's always hope. The BBQ sounds like fun! SL looks great!

  3. Walmart greeter! My future career..too bad they are getting rid of fabric so no discount! :o( Happy Happy to your mamma!

  4. Oh my, she is CUTE! How sweet. I hope you all had just a wonderful time.

    BTW, I finally got around to acknowledging the award you bestowed upon me. Sorry so late!!!!



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