Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stitching with Pixie

Hey, Friends.

Thanks for your concern about Pixie. The doctor says she has a subluxated knee, and we're trying some anti-inflammatory meds to see if that will ease her pain. Since it wasn't caused by "doing" anything, we think she must have just turned it on a stone or divot. She can't jump up or down from furniture, and has to be carried up and down steps, but that's about it for now. She does seem to be putting a little weight on it, once in a while.

This is a little cross-stitch finish. I thought it was cute, but don't know what I'll do with it - maybe hang it at work?? Sanity?? by Jessica Willis Burr from The Gift of Stitching, October 2006. I used Finca #12 for the solid, but mostly Omega #50 variegated cotton.

I've also started Quaker Blues, by Leeanne - StitchWiz, on My Nifty Needle. I'm using Vikki Clayton's silks from Hand-dyed Fibers. Such lovely silk fibers! At the local stitching group Tuesday night, one of the ladies asked if she could see them, and she took the bunch in her hand and just eewwwddddd. They really do have that wonderful 'hand' you're looking for!

~Happy Stitching~
Charlene in SC.USA


  1. Glad your Pixie is doing better, Charlene. I love the blue X-stitch piece! The other one does seem like office material, at least if yours is like mine was. LOL

  2. Hi Char, I'm so glad it's not to serious with Pixie. I was excited to see your progress pic up of my design! Great work, I'm using Vikki's silks too!

  3. Oh poor little Pixie. It's taken me a while to get through my blog list. My mother's little cock-a-poo used to have this all the time. I think she just liked being carried (g). I hope the medication works for Pixie.

  4. Very pretty, Charlene! I can identify with the sanity. I think sometimes we all can! Hope your little Pixie is better soon. :)


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