Thursday, February 26, 2009

A bit of tatting thrown in

Here is another sample (dragonfly and button heart) of the thread used: Brilliant Sunset by YarnPlayer at

There has been a discussion on one of the yahoo groups I read about adding tatted embellishments, how difficult tatting is, and if one could not do tatting for years and come back to it. See, we do get inspiration from online groups!! Being sort of in between cross stitch projects right now, I decided to tat a lanyard to more closely match the name tag I cross stitched last weekend. I wasn't sure if there was enough of the thread I had used, but sure enough, there is. Got about half way with it last night, and will try to finish it tonight and post a picture. It is a fun diversion for a little while. Finished - here's thre picture.

Here is one I made with split rings several years ago using two colors.

I also made another one that I can't find with my favorite hook attached... Where is that thing?? It's made in split rings, too, but a different style on the hook attachment - I can't think of what the stitch is called - but you use only one half of the complete stitch to make a swirl effect.

~Happy Stitching~
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  1. Lovely tatted bits! Nice work! :)

  2. Wow your tatting is just gorgeous so is the yarn colour!

  3. Very lovely tatting Charlene,,I love it. That dragonfly,,wow!!! I hope soon I can get as good as you. I finally am learning to use the shuttle. I thought I was never going to get the hang of that.

  4. I love your tatting and good to see you back at it. I still have my "lobstrosity" you made for me and keep wanting to get back to my Tower project.


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