Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter 2009

Yesterday, Monday we were off work in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day. I wished so many times that it had been today, Tuesday, so that I could see the Inauguration of President Obama.

Today is a Snow Day here in South Carolina. I'm sure those of you under many feet of freezing snow won't be amused, but it's a real treat here. Yes, just slightly more than a dusting causes a stand still here.

But it's SO pretty falling...

My family has always been one that is superstitious to 'old wives tales.' One of the many I've always heard is that "if a red bird comes close to the house, it means snow is coming". Well, I've seen more cardinals this year than any I can remember. Was I looking for them, hoping for snow? Another is "if you hear thunder in the winter, in some number of days it will snow". Was it two or three weeks ago that we had a thunder storm? Is there really something to those old tales?

Mrs Cardinal

Mr Cardinal

Taking flight
And now I'm going to watch Barack Obama become sworn in as the President of the United States!!

~Happy Stitching~

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