Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Next UFO

I went looking for the next UFO to finish last night, and see what I found? It's been in this unfinished state for several years. It's called Birdhouse Garden, "from gifted watercolorist Ann Craig" by Sunset.

It was on a wooden scroll frame, a corner of which you can see in the photo below, and after I had done just a few stitches my sholder and neck were beginning to ache. I've taken it off the scroll and put a hoop around the area I'll start with. I'm sure that will make a big difference. Too bad because even afer years, the fabric is still wrinkle free and clean. After hooping it, that won't be the case, but at least my body won't be tortured!!

~Happy Stitching~


  1. What pretty colors in this piece! It looks like you have quite a good start on this already, Charlene.

  2. Charlene, this is really pretty. You know I'm not a real cross stitch fan but.....this will be just beautiful. Good luck with it!!!

  3. You can just press it when you finish, can't you? It's a very pretty piece.

  4. We have the same great taste! I also have this project in my UFO pile. Not as many stitches as yours though.

  5. how pretty! I love birdhouses.. I haven't been to your blog in a while. I made the same transition you did - back to XS.. Im enjoying it and now have a huge stash of leaflets to do including my fav's - Lizzy Kate, Prairie Schooler, etc. done any CQ lately?


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