Monday, December 29, 2008

WIP - Works in Progress

In 2002 I started Mother’s Prayer Quilt by Janlynn. It is composed of 16 quilt blocks representing a quality that one teaches and desires for her child. Still a design that I love (may change the wording a little), when I pulled it out 14 blocks were complete, one was started, and one not started.

Why did it go into the unfinished stash box? After three and a half rows of blocks were completed, I discovered that the lower section was one stitch off from the top section. I was so disgusted that it wasn’t perfect I put it away. I’m SO glad I didn’t trash it because now I realize that when it complete, it probably won’t be obvious at all.

I took the photos without my glasses, and when sizing them realized that one of the before shots was the back – and the only reason I noticed was the reverse image. I was taught that the back should be as neat and precise as the front. I don’t subscribe to that theory 100 percent anymore or I’d never get anything done, but do try not to let it get messy.

And so, for my initial intent, this is the WIP I will complete first.

~Happy Stitching~
Charlene in SC.USA

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