Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Grab Bag Windfall

On one of the cross stitch lists I'm a member of, someone commented that Cheryl was closing shop and offering Grab Bags for $23 including shipping of the 8.95 priority mail box -- stuffed full. I don't usually go for unseen bargains, but decided to take a chance. Boy, am I ever glad I did. As closely as I can calculate, there must be over $200 retail value of materials in this box.

Two boxes of Anchor pearle thread, 4 sets of Mill Hill buttons, Kreinik spools, packs of Just Nan bead sets, many, many Mill Hill beads, Charles Craft fabric, and at least 20 booklets or kits.
Totally amazing!

Thank you so much, Cheryl.


  1. Wow! That is great. May I ask, who is Cheryl?

  2. How great! Now all you need is a dozen more lives to enjoy it all! Lol!!!
    Your pics of the eclipse are stunning!
    Take care!

  3. Hi Charlene,

    Sounds like you really scored!

    We were on the plane enroute home when the pilot said something about the eclipse....out the windows on other side of the plane unfortunatel, so thanks for the great photos!

  4. What a haul! I also usually pass on grab bags because you just never know. Good for you to take a chance....It obviously paid off. LOL.


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