Sunday, December 2, 2007

wXSw Admission

I'm going to make an admission - you will think I'm blind or have some other brain impairment, I'm sure! Let me preface this by saying when I look at clouds, I see all sorts of things - angels, pigs, turtles, dinosaurs, etc. During all the time I've been looking at Helga's lovely tree designs, it never occurred to me why the designs are named, USA Tree (which I had already stitched), Canada Tree, Joy Tree, Santa Tree until someone said they didn't mind that the tree said Santa... Well, duh! It's right there, isn't it?


  1. I'm only laughing because when she did the first one, the USA tree, I was looking at it for quite a while before I said, "Oh, hey, each side says USA!" =) Then I was prepared for the others, because of course everyone wanted one. Canada looks really cool, and almost unnoticeable, I think.

  2. don't feel bad - it took me a while too.. and I was thinking the same thing.. why USA tree.. but I figured it must be incorporated in the design.. and lo-and-behold there it was :-) I love your XS so far.. very pretty.. hopefully I will get time for more as I get all my gifts done.. and afterwards.. I am thinking start in January making my personal ornaments to have them for next year.

  3. hehehe...turn the ornament to the right and you will see a name spelled that makes up the foliage on the tree.Clever, don't you think so?


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