Sunday, June 17, 2007

Palmetto Tatters' June Meeting

The Palmetto Tatters' meeting was yesterday, and it was probably the last time we will be meeting at the Lexington Library. Next month we'll meet at a local craft shop, Creative Sewing Machine Center at an earlier time - 12:00 noon. Katharine asked if I'd be available to scribe for the competition judging at Tat Days, and I agreed. Sounds like fun!

There were several guests and visitors at the meeting, two of which were Melissa and Gerard Anayo, and she describes their visit here. It was good to see them in person, and they seemed to enjoy their visit. I'm sure they enjoyed the expertise of a couple of the experienced tatters - there is always more to absorb.

The lesson for the day was Tatted Flowers led by Marie Smith. Here is the sample board that Marie had done:

Hope and I had a bit of trouble with the notation used for the Patti Duff patterns, but I went through and made notes after I got home to get a better understanding of it. Here are a couple of samples I made, though not blocked or pressed:


  1. It was a great meeting wasn't it!?! I didn't even get a chance to try one of the patterns out yet so good job on yours! Love the flower! Gerard did the tatting fern!

  2. What a nice display board. She must have prepared thoroughly for this. It looks like your samples are working out well. How nice that you got to meet Melissa.


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