Monday, June 18, 2007

Dimpled Ring

I had tried to tat a dimpled ring using instructions from the Internet, but was not able to get it to look like I wanted. At the Palmetto Tatters' Guild meeting Saturday, I asked one of the experienced tatters to show me...Thank you, Sharren! It was simple as pie - just needed to see it done, I guess.

The number of stitches is up to you, but for example

  1. Tat 5 double stitches
  2. Tat the first half of 5 double stitches
  3. Tat the second half of 5 double stitches
  4. Tat 5 double stitches
  5. Close the ring.

You may need to shape it a little with your finger(nail), but you should see the dimple.

Here are a couple of samples:

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  1. If you drop a bead into the middle of the 'dimple' by having it on the back of your hand before you start then you've got even more scope to play!!!! Also useful for making 'eyes' too!!!!!!!!!!


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