Sunday, May 20, 2007

Palmetto Tatters' May Guild Meeting

I certainly enjoyed our Palmetto Tatters' Guild meeting on Saturday. It was at a different site, and I always get confused with the I-20/I-26 directions around Columbia, but I got there, albeit a little late. Believe me, it was worse going home! I do need to remember to do those 'reverse directions' when printing from Maps!!

It was a great meeting. Everyone was in great spirits, lots of comradery, laughing, and just fun! There were some updates about Tat Days in September, and it sounds exciting! Mary talked about the accommodations as if she kind'a liked them a little - LOL - sounded like a spa!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers was the theme of the lessons, and one was Gary Houtz' 3D Flower taught by Katharine Bucknered. It was a fun little project, and this is the result I got.

Isn't it a cutie patootie? Can't you see a garden full of them?

The second half of the lesson was led by Lori Dunlap, but it was more complicated and not easily converted to the needle, so I'll have to delve into it a little more later.

During some sharing time, Marie Smith was showing some of the items for the lesson next month, and she was demonstrating to Pam her onion ring. I had tried a while back to do them with directions from the web, but could just never get it to look like I wanted. Well... after watching Marie, I came home and tried it again, and it looks JUST like I wanted - and I added a little top notch, so in orange it would look like a pumpkin, hu?

Deb Strickland brought some of her threads for us to peruse. I got a couple of balls after looking them over. I was so surprised to see the difference in what is called size 20. I had bought a big lot of Rubi size 20, and got the Opera size 20 from Deb. Honestly, I had hoped the Rubi would be this size, but alas...Take a look at the difference in my needle tatting comparing the two.

Last but not least, my pal Hope brought her needles to learn how to needle tat. She is a great shuttle tatter, and very patient and kind trying to help as I convert patterns. I told one of the ladies that she was wanting to learn needle so she could be more helpful - that's just the kind of person she is. I am not a teacher by nature, but after showing her a few times, she had it going and made the little 3D flower! She said she'd bring a project done by needle to the next meeting, and I'm looking forward to seeing it!

OH! Almost forgot that I finally got one of the very nice Butterflies Migrating books.

Note to self: bring camera!!

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  1. I love your flower. It sounds like a great group to attend. That onion thing will make a great pumpkin. I like the look of it, so solid.

    Okay, which thread is which? I can see a difference, but don't know if it was the larger one or the smaller one you were hoping you would have.

    I love the butterfly that is shown with the book ad.


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