Friday, May 4, 2007

Online Encyclopedia of Needlework

In my blog hopping this morning, at Needle 'N Thread I came upon a link to the online Project Guttenburg, which includes an Encyclopedia of Needlework by THÉRÈSE DE DILLMONT. I believe I have heard her name from the experienced tatters at the Palmetto Tatters' Guild.

Here is one portion related to tatting. It is awesome with delicate and beautiful work that I have not seen before. There are instructions for many of the patterns, and perhaps one day I will be able to decipher them into something I could work with.


  1. Hi Charlene!
    Thank you for visiting Ridgetatter. I'm amazed, who's list was I on? lol
    I'm a very beginning blogger and belong to HBT and ROT. There are no tatters in my area; although, I may teach an introduction class. I've heard there is a needle tatter somewhere in Silver.
    I am pleased to "know" you.
    I'm working on a chat for my daughter - she saw a picture of Linda D. from an older book and so I've been working on that for her. It lays around the neck. Also, doing on-line classwork AND Pink Awareness ribbons (cpywrt) Lenore English) for fundraiser for Relay for Life in June. I haven't done much with my bog because I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures into it! lol
    Just a beginner. BJ

  2. Hi Charlene, I noted your comment on the 25 Motif Challenge page and have updated your link to show that you have completed your 25. You can keep on tatting another 25 if you choose, you don't need to notify anyone. The challenge began last summer and was to run for a year, but some people just started a few months ago. I will keep updating pages as long as people keep tatting and posting. A number of the participants having tatted 25 'somethings' are now going to add their tatted bits to denim bags. As a CQer you automatically had a place to display your pieces, but others didn't. So now there is a new project on the go. If you do want to join the "Tatting Treasures from Trash" challenge I will need your email address to update the blog. You can email me at sharon at gagechek dot com.


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