Sunday, April 22, 2007

Palmetto Tatters' Guild

It had been several month since I went to the Palmetto Tatters' Guild meeting in Columbia, SC, but yesterday, Saturday, it just called me so loudly that I went!

One of the girls on the Needle Tat yahoo group said she may be able to go, and low and behold I got to meet Debbie S. We didn't exactly work together, but it was certainly good to put a voice and a smile with those messages. Her tatting is prettier in person than in pictures, of course, AND she's another needle tatter!

I did get to work with my old pal from last year's Tat Days conference, Hope! She's just as much fun as ever, and she has a way of sharing her tatting skills and knowledge that makes it easy to learn! I also met a new friend, Theresa who is so friendly and fun to be with. They made me glad I went.

The lesson/workshop for the day was a garland of daisies led by Barbara Hevener. It was a fun challenge, and you can see my little sample below. Mary encouraged us to join in the Exchange, and since next month's project is a bookmark, I may just do it!!

I'm glad I went, and will make it a priority to be a more dedicated member.

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  1. I love that design! It's so pretty. How fun that you got to go.


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