Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hooks - 25-Challenge Complete!

How do you keep track of your miscellaneous tatting tools? Do you use a Chatelaine? I imagine that they would be heavy.

Do we all use a hook to pull through our joins? I have two hooks - one for regular joins and another for joining with beads that is very tiny - I'm sorry I don't know the sizes. I have a lanyard for the bigger one that was just sitting around the house, and it is so handy to have around my neck while tatting. I needed something for the smaller one since picking it up from the table each time was a distraction, when it didn't get knocked off onto the floor! I had made a lanyard for a name tag long ago, and decided that's what I needed for the tiny hook. It is made from size 20 Finca with split rings and Josaphine knots around the holder. -25

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