Friday, June 24, 2016

Mid-Year Update

 As the middle of the year rolls around, I thought it may be time for an update.  If you've looked in, my plan was to put each stitching finish in one post, however, it had become difficult for editing, and for you viewers to see, I think.  So here are the last two finishes in June.

June 24 #26

My Country
40ct Stone Gray

June 20 #25

The Nebby Needle
Thanks for Service
28ct Heroic

When July 1 rolls around, I will have been retired for one year! The first couple of months it felt like I was playing hooky or forgot where I was supposed to be, but it has settled down and now it feels great to sit and stitch for as long as I like!  People ask, are you ready to go back to work?  Nope!  Are you bored? Absolutely NOT.  

In November my mom fell and broke some ribs.  Since then her health has declined, and her sight has deteriorated (glaucoma) significantly, so I spend more time tending to her needs.  

In January my DS left for Cambodia, and in March 2016, he and his lovely, sweet wife got married.  What an adventure it was!  I left February 25 and returned March 7.

It was a beautiful ceremony that will be remembered and celebrated for a lifetime!


Nan's engagement ring; Pop's wedding band. They were married 61 years.

Bride and Groom
Sotheavy and Jonathan

Modified for their Wedding 

To Market

Phonm Penh
Angkor Wat

I'll leave it there for now, and pick up with the next post.  Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon.

Happy Stitching!!
Charlene ♥ SC


  1. Congratulations to your son and DIL. What an exciting trip that was!! So glad you are doing well and have posted again. ;)

  2. Very lovely finishes! What a wonderful adventure you had with traveling for your son's wedding! Best wishes to the happy couple. Isn't retirement great? Enjoy your weekend, Charlene!

  3. Going to the wedding must have been a very exciting adventure. Congratulations to your son and his bride. So glad you are enjoying your retirement! Stitching is lovely!

  4. Congratulations! Such adventures-- I can see why you aren't bored! lol Keep up the most excellent "work." :)

  5. Love seeing pictures again. Great new finishes too. Happy stitching and stay cool...

  6. Congrats to your son, and how wonderful that you got to go to Cambodia. Quite a lot happening for the first year of 'retirement'... Tho I think we do MORE when we stop working!! Hugs!


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