Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remember those who served!

Let's remember those who served and have given so much! 

Hey, Friends!

Hope everyone is enjoying a Happy Memorial Day weekend. We’re not off on Monday, but that’s OK – it makes a longer Christmas break. 

I’ve started going to yoga classes again.  It has been at least five or six years, so back to the basics.  There’s a new studio downtown, and it seems nice so far.  They have various hours and instructors for different types of classes.  There's even one today (Sunday) at noon that I'll be trying.  

Yesterday DS and I went to see Star Trek – Into Darkness.  I really liked it – seemed more reminiscent of the old series. 

I’m still stitching on the birthday surprise, but did also finish June Word Play.   And here’s the current view of the Adam and Eve wall.

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!
May 2013 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. Happy Memorial Day to you too!
    I think that I am going to try some yoga too.
    You A&E wall looks great!
    I think that I want to see the Star Trek movie :)

  2. I like your display. Nice stitching.

  3. Looking good Charlene! Your A&E wall is coming along nicely! Hope you had a good time at yoga. Happy stitching....

  4. Love your A&E wall, Charlene! Sweet WTN&T finish, too!

  5. Hope your yoga class went well. :) I love the Word Plays and you have a nice start on your A&E wall too! I'm bad at having things framed - so I may never have a wall. :) Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

  6. We want to see the Star Trek movie too. I am glad to hear you liked it. Your A&E wall is looking good. :o)

  7. Lovely stitching - great A&E wall!

  8. Love your A&E wall! Lovely stitching too. Good for you with the yoga. I don't think my body would do it anymore.

  9. Happy Memorial Day, Charlene!

  10. How was the yoga? Hope it went well.
    I have Zumba once a week but it will
    end soon for summer vacation, will gonna miss it.

    Love your A&E wall. June Word play looks lovely.

  11. June Word play sure is cute! I should do a theme wall... tho I flit around and stitch too many dissimilar subjects! I am registered for PALS this fall, and hope to see you there! Hugs!

  12. Oh, how cute is that June Word Play! I wasn't sure about it, but seeing yours all stitched up makes me want to stitch it :)

    I've never done yoga, but everyone says it is great--I did buy a beginner's DVD, but haven't watched it yet. Hope you enjoy it, Charlene...

  13. I recently started yoga, I enjoy the feeling of well being that it gives me. Your Adam and Eve wall is looking great. Nice finish on the Word Play.

  14. your embroidery is a marvel! there must be a concern with my mail because I got nothing ..... thank you for coming to my blog I am so happy that Americans like my work for me is a huge reward! thank you

  15. Good day Charlene…Love the patriotic background on your blog.
    Congrats on your newest finished and have enjoyed seeing the other word play finishes you posted.
    Your A&E wall is coming along beautifully. I especially love that last finish you had framed.
    Hope you are enjoying yoga. Let us know.

  16. ♥♥♥♥♥ Bisous-bisous ♥♥♥♥

  17. Aways love seeing your beautiful stitching!


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