Sunday, April 21, 2013

Really Spring

Hey, Friends!
We’re really getting some spring around here!  That yellow-green pollen has taken over the car, porch, driveway…  We even had a bit of a storm with some rain, but all that did was make pollen mud.  That’s OK – at least it’s not snowing; right? No - last week it was in the 80s - now the highs are 60s.  

DS and I went to Mom’s last Saturday and picked up fallen branches and trimmed pampas grass for burning.  These kinds of chores make me realize how  lazy sedentary I am – my legs were sore for days!  And we didn’t finish, either.  There will be another day about the same to get it done. Doesn’t that kind of day make you realize how great a shower feels? 

Do you know that Ball is making blue jars for their 100th anniversary in 2013.  I picked mine up from Ace Hardware last week.  If you have one close to you, they MAY have them in stock, but if not you can order them online and have them delivered to your local store with no shipping charges.  Some of the sites I checked were charging outrageous shipping fees. I got an extra box of jars for less than the shipping would have been for one!

What?  Oh, stitching.  I finished stitching the sweet little bunnies that were offered by Snowflower Diaries.  I used some ‘limited’ unnamed over-dyed threads, and a few named ones, too.  It’s stitched over one on 28ct linen.  Have you seen her new design?  Check it out here.  
Then there were a few letters of the alphabet along with a tiny bird I wanted to stitch for a little surprise.  I’ll try to remember to get a pic of them before they head out.  But I didn’t remember to do that… oh well.

Yesterday a few stitching pals got together for some retail therapy at my LNS, Stitch and Frame.  I had Mary Gibson sized up for framing, and picked up some silks for an upcoming project. It looked like they found some things they “needed” as well.  We went for a little sustenance, and on to Starbucks for the chatting and stitching portion of the afternoon with handy caffeine.  I didn’t take a single photo… It was great sharing the day with such good stitching friends.

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

May 2013 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. We have pollen dust all over here too. Yep, I can relate to that spring yard work bringing all those muscles to "life". Pretty bunny piece - her designs are so cute. I am always happy to hear when someone gets to spend some time with like minded friends. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Glad you had a good time with friends. Love your bunny finish!

  3. Love the bunny finish! I have to do that one. Cthanks for the tip on the Mason jars!

  4. Cute finish, meeting up with friends is always fun and retail therapy at a LNS added in makes for a perfect day out.

  5. Hmm, my comment vaporized its little self. Love those bunnies, Charlene. Your sixties sound great; it's not made that yet here, and in MN where my sis lives they had a foot of snow on Thursday! In April, no less.

  6. Had fun stitching and gabbing! I love your phrase "sedentary"....I know I am going to borrow this one. I think I am going to look some of those jars too!

    Happy stitching this week.....

  7. Love love love my beautiful Carolina blue Ball jar!!!!! it's now holding my wooden spools.... Too cute.... Had a blast hanging out , shopping and sipping Starbucks!!!!!


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