Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hey, Friends!

Thanks to those who have made suggestions for finding Midsummer Night Designs, Memorial Sampler. I have contacted the designer, who asked me to contact Attic Needlework, who didn’t have it. I'm still looking...

In the meantime, I've been stitching Gobble. Hopefully this hermiting weekend will let it get a lot closer to completion. Remember that Give is already stitched, and Marsha's finish last week prompted me to get on with the set. Last year Mindi's set made me find the series to stitch my own. Paulette, Plum Street Samplers, really has some awesome designs.

This is a busy  multi-event weekend – it's TuSAL time over on the side bar. It's also Hermit Weekend... I plan to stay inside stitching and hope you have the chance to as well. There's lots of preseason football if you enjoy that, too.

Does your sweet fur baby have different barks for things? There’s ‘something is invading our space:’ a bird on the porch, someone walking down the road, or a squirrel on the deck. There’s ‘DS is coming in:’ he’s the only one with a key. ‘Someone’s at the door.’ And this is the one that makes me mention it: something on the stove needs attention! This happens if a pot starts to sizzle, but most often when I’m making tea. I like to let the tea come to a boil, then turn off the burner to let the liquid cool. She always smells it before I do! She also has a little sort of growl’ish’ bark that sounds like ma-ma. Do you think I’m hearing things? But after all, she is the little girl who rings the bell when she wants to go outside!  Speaking of fur babies, I don’t have any cats right now, but  if you do and would like to know more about Cat Speak click the link.

Thanks for stopping by, today and always. I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

I'm grateful for the Hermit Weekend!

and Happy Stitching

CharleneSC and Pixie


  1. Stella saves the shriek barking for "rabbit alert, rabbit alert." >:/

  2. Our toy poodle Mabel does lots of talking too. She is such a scaredy cat though. My goodness, she is afraid of everything. Never had a dog like that. Is Pixie so afraid like that?

  3. Very nice progress, Charlene. I agree - Paulette's designs are a lot of fun. My fur babies do have different barks but not nearly so many as yours.

  4. Love your Gobble! The colors are wonderful! Don't have a dog right now. Have to go look at the cat speak link. :D

  5. Gobble is looking good! Lola has an ear piercing "time for a treat" bark too. LOL

  6. I am going to ask my daughter when she comes over today if the two granddogs have different barks for different things! I think Rusty barks at everything! He is the alpha one, so poor Thor doesn't get a chance! Gobble is looking good! Hugs!

  7. Hi,
    Try Lynn's of Madison for the sampler
    I'm pretty sure I just seen it there last weekend
    The number is 608-274-1442
    Good luck!!!!

  8. hope you find your chart ... love how your pixie knows these things :) ours knows our cars when they are pulling up to park up near our drive :)
    hope you get lots stitched this hermitting :) love mouse xxxx

  9. I swear Annie talks to us, I just don't always understand her. I love the colors you've chosen for Gobble! You posted a link to my blog for my finished series, but I can't even find where I posted a pic of them! Guess that means I need to figure out where mom stashed them, and I need to get on her case about making them into a wall-hanging so I can post a true finished picture of them!

  10. I love your Gobble progress!
    We have 1 cat right now who squeaks instead of meowing :)
    Have a great week!

  11. Your furbaby sounds as if she should have a needle in hand too:)
    I love the gobble piece. It would be nice next to my BBD piece I just finished.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  12. Gobble it one of my favorite designs, too, Charlene. I really hope I can stitch mine this fall...there just never seem to be enough hours in my days this time of year. But, with 25 people coming for Thanksgiving, it would sure be nice to have this one finished and on display :)

    Sure hope you can locate the Memorial Sampler--it really is a nice one. I noticed there is one on ebay right now--maybe you'll be lucky!

  13. Hope you find you sampler pattern. Great progress on Gobble and I'm with you on dogs having different barks for things, our dog surely does.


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