Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime ....

♫♪♫and the livin’ is easyFish are jumpin’…and the cotton is high… ♫♪♫    Oh, wait!  You’re here now, aren’t you?

Hey, Friends!
TuSAL for June was Tuesday, so here I am catching up.  See the side bar à

I’ve been working on completing a project from a Getaway Weekend with Clara Blalock of The Stitching Parlor in 2009 called Tea with the Queen.  I thought all the stitching was done, but as sometimes happens when you look closer...there was some satin stitching left to be done.  Then there is sewing the pieces together
and there is still the navy, velvet bag that all the pieces go into to be done… but here is what is done.  My LNS, The Stitch and Frame, is planning another weekend in September with Clara.  Go over and check it out.

Later I stitched on the first in a series... we'll see how that goes.  This is Plum Street Sampler’s, Give.

For those who wanted an update on my health issues the appointment with the cardiologist is Monday.  The follow-up visit to review bloodwork revealed that I am borderline, but not diabetic; thyroid and vitamin D levels are off, so there are medications for that; osteopenia (related to, but not as severe as Osteoperosis) so weights should be added to my exercise routine can one add weights to the needle?  Oh, I know, heavier q-snaps!
I appreciate your concern, thoughts, and comments!
I'm grateful for stopping smoking 2.5 years ago!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Very pretty. Maybe you could eat more fruits and veggies? I don't know! Say hi to Pixie! :)

  2. :Looking good!!! And, I love your idea of exercising more!!!

  3. Beautiful work -- truly beautiful. I think you're right -- a heavier needle would throw off your stitching, but heavier Q-snaps could help with the work out.

    Wait! I have it!!!!! More stash -- you just need to go stash shopping more (carrying heavy bags) and then strut around the house carrying your loot over your head in triumph. I think it could work.

  4. Oh that Queen piece is just lovely! Love the PSS WIP too! lol about adding weights to your needle! I need to do that too. lol!

  5. Tea with the Queen is so pretty! Love the colors. Nice start on the Plum Street Sampler piece too! I like Ruth B's suggestion about more stash. :)

  6. I had to giggle at your idea of adding weights to the q-snap. I'm lazy and my q-snaps are held by a Lowry stand! Good luck making the adjustments, and I'm glad it wasn't anything dire.

  7. Been there, same stuff... write me! Love the Class pieces, and look forward to seeing the bigger bag to hold all of them! And the PSS piece--gonna check it out... though I am trying to swear off seasonals...Hmpf! Yeah, right! Hugs to you my friend!

  8. Great progress on the piece by Clara. I also love the Plum Street start.
    So glad to hear that you have an action plan healthwise and I hope that you will adjust soon and not miss any more stitching events!

  9. I hope you get things straightened out with the health issues, Charlene! I have an underactive thyroid so am on meds for that. Big hugs.

    LOVE the stitching! What a neat class piece. I love the PSS piece, too. I keep telling myself that I'm going to do that series and never started. Typical of me!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Lovely stitching on both projects!

  11. Such great projects, Charlene--the blue and white is especially pretty.

    Ha ha!! Love the heavier q-snaps for weight lifting :) I actually have osteoporosis in my spine already so I exercise and lift weights as much as I can. Should do more, but sometimes life just gets in the way... Hope they can get all of your health issues ironed out soon.

    Have a relaxing weekend :)

  12. Great projects! Love your idea of adding weights to the q-snaps, if only it were that simple! Hope you get all your health issues sorted.

  13. Beautiful stitching, Charlene! I love the blue set, especially. Sounds like you know what you have to do to get healthy so nothing to do but to do it. I love the idea of heavier q-snaps. If only that were enough.

  14. I love the way you think!!!! Heavier q-snaps is the perfect answer. Love your finish and Give looks like it's going to be very nice as well. Take care of your health - there's so much more to stitch.

  15. I LOVE the Tea with the Queen set - just gorgeous!! I hope you can get those numbers in order. I have osteopenia too, and they have me on, of course, fosomax and I take large amounts of calcium too. That is partley because the cancer medicine is hard on the bones. Guess you take the bad with the good - huh?

  16. Nice finishes, Charlene. We've been gone so am just getting caught up. Glad to hear you're getting the health issues resolved! Take care.


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