Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wrinkles and a Birthday

Hey, Friends!

DS came  up for the weekend to celebrate my birthday, and we went to Mom’s for potato soup and cheese biscuits.  He got me a luscious set of sheets in cranberry (love that red)!  I've been sleeping soundly!  Mom got me a sweater and a ‘little piece’ of money – and she treated us to dinner at Red Lobster last night.  In celebration fashion, I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed, so I also had my brows ‘designed’ and my ears candled.  Have you done this?  I hear different experiences, but for me it was good.  My head feels clear and breathing is even easier. 
Now on to the wrinkles...   You've seen this Greeting in better form, but wanted to show you the needle minder!  Isn't it just the sweetest?  ‘Joy’ from the 2011 JCS magazine is stitched with HDF silks .  I’ve enjoyed stitching these smalls for Christmas, and want to get some finished so they can fill my bowl.  The tiny smalls are on my holiday tree for Christmas.  This tree sits on the shelf over my computer so a glance up brings a smile to my face.   
We’re coming down to final days of holiday preparations.  I hope you’re all finished shopping and baking goodies so you can sit back, relax, pick up a needle if you choose, and enjoy the festivities along the way.
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate y’all!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Hi Charlene! Sounds like you had a great holiday family time! I cannot be finished with baking until end of the week when my 'helpers' arrive! Oh it will be such a whirlwind of activity! But fun, fun, fun! I wish you all the happiness you can stand this season! Big Hugs!

  2. I meant great Birthday time! And enjoy Christmas with your Fur Baby Pixie!! That reminds me I need to get some Pupperoni's for MY granddogs! Hugs again!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Charlene.

    Lovely stitching.

    Oooh ear candling. What is that like?

  4. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I've still got lots of baking to do...after I have finished blog reading!

  5. That potato soup and cheese biscuits sounds great, especially when you are enjoying them with your Mom and son! Love your little holiday tree and its location.

    Of course, I know you were dreaming when you suggested we all have relaxed stitching time in the next week.....

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Charlene! Sounds like you have had a great weekend. Will have to more info on the ear candling....sounds interesting.

    Love you finishes too! Great spot for your little tree to keep the holiday spirit....

    hope you have a great stitchy week...

  7. Happy belated birthday Charlene! Your finishes look great and I love your little tree. I have heard of ear candling but always a do it yourself sort of thing.

  8. Happy Birthday wishes to you
    The little ornie tree is beautiful
    I want to do the ear candling, but not sure about it.

  9. Happy Birthday, Charlene! Oh my..I work for potato soup! :) Your finishes are so pretty and I love your tree! Happy Christmas, Charlene!

  10. ♫♫♫ Happy Belated Birthday, Charlene ♫♫♫

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day :) Ear candling? I've never heard of it--glad it was a good experience for you, though...

    Your little finishes are so pretty and the tree is darling--I really need to get some of these tiny trees that you're all showing on your blogs--very cute!

  11. Shoot! I missed your birthday!!! Hope it was a good sure sounds like it was....especially that piece of money part...we always had that saying at my moms too...hmm, might you spend it at your LNS???

    Anywhos, have a great Christmas my friend and again, Happy Birthday to you!!

  12. A very Happy Belated Birthday, Charlene! What a cute little tree you found for your beautiful small ornaments; you've been busy!

  13. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a nice celebration! I love that needle minder! Yum! Love your little tree too. Never had my ears candled. Sounds exotic. lol! Happy holidays to you!

  14. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a wonderful celebration!

    Your stitching looks fantastic, such beautiful ornaments!


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