Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Land of the Free

Hey, Friends!

Know what I’m thinking of during my Staycation?  The Myrtle Beach Fall Fling Stitching Retreat with  PALS !  What am I talking about?  Lots of stitching, chatting, eating, and general fun times at the east coast of South Carolina!  Amy, from Down Sunshine Lane is the sponsor, and here’s a link to the general information if you’re interested in setting aside a few days in October for having a blast with a bunch of women with the same passion for stitching that YOU have! 
I finished stitching Land of the Free, the Blackbird Designs patriotic chart that was published in the July edition of Cross-Stitch and Needlework magazine.  By the way, the Yahoo group, Blackbird Designs seems to have lost its owner, so a new group was created, Blackbird Stitchers, if you'd like to become a part of a group who loves BBD.

After Land of the Free was stitched, I immediately picked up a Lizzy Kate small design and started stitching it.  It should be stitched up today.  Why do I want to get some smalls done?

When I’m visiting your blogs I see your beautiful baskets of seasonal displays, but I don’t really have a lot of table-top space for displays.  I thought I’d love to have a wooden dough bowl for my smalls, but here again, more table top area would be needed.  And then I walked into one of my recent favorite places, Shoppes on the River, and what was there?  A dough trough on legs!  It measures about 22 x 11 and is 27 inches tall.  Where will it go?  I don’t know, but it’s perfect!  
AND something else I really “needed” was a set of Virginia Rose dishes that I so vividly remember from childhood not in the table being set with china way, but pieces of the set, like eating from a soup bowl  Anyway, this set was said to be from a 90 year old woman who said this was her first set of dishes.  There are six 9-inch plates, 6 inch bread plates, and five - inch berry bowls, but no cups and saucers.  I walked away several times, but just could not leave without them!  From what I've read, these "were distributed through Department Stores, primarily Woolworth, and later through savings stamps."  Here in the south, Woolworth was our 'dime store' and S&H Green stamps were given with grocery purchases.  I imagine the pieces in my memories came from Woolworth.  Those precious green stamps were saved for things like an iron or bath mat sets.       

After making the changes to the blog site, I noticed that my 2011 finishes page was affected.  Most of the recent information is gone.  I tried to download from previous saves, but what’s there is the result not accurate, but all that’s left.  I will update it again, but that will be another time.  Ah, don’t you just love Blogger?  I said to someone the other day, it’s getting almost as bad as like Yahoo! 
And for other Staycation news have not done as much cleaning and organizing as my plans included, so there are no photos of the nice, tidy craft room.  That’s usually the way it goes here for me. I’ve enjoyed what I have done, and that’s the point of vacation to me. I honestly don’t care about going away for every break I have from work. I’m basically a home body, and love to spend time here.
Thanks for coming by today.  If you have a minute, leave a word or two or just say, Hey!  See y’all next time.

and Happy Stitching


  1. Your "Land of the Free" is lovely!
    I'm always afraid to make too many changes to my blog...when I do, I always seem to have something disappear.

    Staying home with stitching seems like a nice break.

  2. I'm on staycation too this week! I too am a homebody. I love it!

    And I so love your bowl you got. You will fill it up in no time. I have a big one in the center of my kitchen island and it holds various seasonal things. A Great basic decor piece.

    Have fun on your retreat. One day I may get to go to one. They sound so fun.

    Feathers in the Nest

  3. Land of the Free is beautiful! Those dishes are so pretty! Enjoy the rest of your staycation!!

  4. Hey Charlene!!
    Waving from over here in KY! Yep, I have been doing some MB dreaming. Can't wait!! I love your dough bowl on a pedestal - too cute. I don't know why I never thought of it before, but with your post, I remembered that I have an old dough bowl somewhere to use to display my smalls. Thanks for the kick in my memory!

  5. Your finish is great. I really like your dough trough what a fantastic idea, I might have to look for something like that when in MB in October.

  6. love your finish :) and your bowl will be great for your smalls too :0 and loved woolworths when we had them over here :) love mouse xxx

  7. Very cute finish - I seem to be cranking out the smaller pieces here, too, lately - must be the weather :)

    Two of my friends here are going to the PALS gathering - Diane and Judy are great, and I am sure you'll all have a wonderful time! Maybe some day, I'll get to go to one of these things!

    I don't have many opportunities/places to display things I finish either - I just hang onto them, waiting for the day the kids aren't cluttering up the place, and the animals might someday be well-behaved. Nah, probably not...

  8. Oh...I love your little dough bowl table! I so want a dough bowl and keep looking. It is going to make the perfect display area for your smalls.

    Love your finish too! Hope to get that one stitched by next 4th!

    happy stitching...and vacationing!

  9. Your BBD piece turned out just lovely. Enjoy your staycation!!

  10. Now I'm going to have to be on the look out for one of those dough "thingies". That is a perfect way to display your smalls. I don't have a lot of table top space either so I'm always looking for display ideas.
    Enjoy what is left of your staycation. I'm a homebody also and know how enjoyable it can be.

  11. Wow! I LOVE your dough trough. Perfect! I also love Dixie. I too have a grey toy poodle :)

  12. Congrats on Land of the Free, it's really lovely! And wow on your dough trough, what a beauty!

  13. LOVE the dough bowl table! What a great idea for displaying smalls - perfect!

  14. love the dough bowl thingie what a great idea! Love land of the free also, did you use the recommended BS or did you change it out? would love to know. I can't wait for October to be here as i just booked my room and plane tickets for MB! and i am also a homebody too and enjoy it most of the time. LOL

  15. Love your Land of the Free finish:)

    Love the dough bowl table. It is brilliant!


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