Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Hey, Friends!
I hope your New Year is off to a peaceful start, and that your Needles are well pointed, smooth eyed, and ready for finishing all that your heart desires!  Speaking of great needles, I have no affiliation, but if you try Bohin needles, you won’t be sorry!!  You can find them at many places, including my own LNS (at my suggestion).  Anita’s Little Stitches also has them in bulk. 
As I’m sitting here looking at my stitched ornie tree, there’s only one that ‘really’ looks like Christmas the beaded Santa.  The others are various snow/winter themes.  No rush for me to take it down; right?! 
Yesterday my LNS, The Stitch and Frame Shop, had their usual New Year’s Day sale.  I happended to be there to see Karen and a few other ladies I met at PALS this last year.  Hopefully we'll all be there again this year!  Boy did I ever do some damage.  But it was so much fun, and in the mix was a real bargain!  I got the chart they had used for the shop model of Shepherd’s Bush, Finch Song, for $5.00.  The holiday charts were 25% off, fibers were 10%, and fabric was 15%.  See… 

I also signed up for the LHN 2011 Ornament series.  Vonna is doing all the stitching and finishing of these, and she said the first few are adorable!  Diane has already posted the one for January, Tweet, and you can see on the LHN blog
I’m so excited to watch all of you with your 2011 Challenges!  Some are doing the 15 new projects, and some are doing the Complete WIPs Challenge.   I know you will make great progress and complete many new works!  I am more of a ‘finish one project at a time’ stitcher, so that I am involved in two Blackbird Designs SALs plus Diane’s All Year Long Christmas SAL seems like a big deal for me!     
I took my car to have tinting added to the windows the other day.  It is a shop with a lot of young people with their music bumping, you get the picture, but there I sat with my cross stitch, mag-eyes, just enjoying myself to no end!  See how much I got done… since last time?  

I’ve barely started on Snow Garden the first Anniversaries of the Heart series, but it is a start. 
I’m trying to decide which ornament I want to start there are so many I love.  I do want to catch up with the LHN series to be ready for 2011 to start!

Oops - just about forgot to add my TUSAL for the end of the year.  Can you tell that I'm a colorful stitcher?  A new one has been started, but I'll show it to you at the next new moon - sometime after January 4.

Thanks for coming by today.  I look forward to hearing your Needler’s Point and checking in to see what you’ve been up to lately!

This New Year and always, may you be surrounded by the gift of friendship, the joys of family, and the spirit of love.
and Happy Stitching


  1. I am so jealous!! My dream is to get to go to your LNS one day... I know you and Karen had a blast~~~ LOVE all the stash and the GREAT price reductions!!! I would have hit up the fabric and threads for sure~~

    Enjoy your day, Faye

  2. Congratulations on your new stash - wish I had a LNS closer than 100 miles.

    Sounds like you have signed up for many things this year - good luck.

  3. Hey Lady!! Happy New Year to you!! I can't wait to see you Tuesday at the Shop! You got some pretty good deals! If I hadn't been at Kathy's, I'd have been there! With all that you get finished...I really think you need to give me one of your flying needles! LOL. Take care, see you soon!

  4. Isn't buying stash the greatest feeling? I see you picked up Halloween Cove. I love that chart. Can't wait to see it when you've got it finished.
    I picked out my TUSAL container and am set to go. I've got a few ORTS in it already ;-)

  5. Happy 2011, Charlene! Sounds like you had a great shopping expedition. Do you have a link to the WIP Challenge? I really need that!

  6. Happy New Year. I like the bauble with the TUSAL.


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