Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Santa Visited

Hey, Friends! 
Tomorrow, Sunday, my LNS, The Stitch and Frame Shop, is having their holiday open house!  If you live close by, it would be a great time to stop by.  Last year she had the best warm, cider punch, not to mention the great stash! 
After work yesterday I went to do a tiny bit of shopping and got a couple of gifts bought.  At least it’s a beginning! 
When I got home, there was a box on my doorstep.  I’ve ordered a few things, but it looked too big for that… Hum… When I got closer, it had green tape and the return address was Secret Santa from Nebraska! 
Oh, boy my Secret Santa from PALS has sent me a box…  When I cut the green tape, out popped a wonderful card with bows and mittens just the cutest with a bit of sparkle.  I absolutely LOVE the verse*.   
Next is a layer of green and red crinkle stuffing, and when I moved it over, there was a box of Godiva Gems, Dark Chocolates yum!! 
All the way down at the bottom was a flat, green and red trees wrapped package, and a fat, squishy wrapped in red sparkle paper package, too.  Which to open first? The flat one must be a graph…  YES!  It’s Plum Street Samplers “Tannenbaum.”  No, I don’t have it, and yes, it is lovely! 
Now what’s in this fat one?  It’s a red and black pencil case from Vera Bradley ooohhh, my first piece.  Those ‘in the know’ will recognize the name, Barcelona.   Zip oh, what’s this?  By the Bay Needleart, “Merry Christmas Kit.”  What you will need: stuffing and a needle.  Isn’t that awesome? 
A notepad with my initial, C, a black and white pen, black and white stork scissors, daisy’s park-it, Doodles for leftovers Gingerbread man button (never seen these), mother-of-pearl thread rings, Rainbow Gallery Christmas Collection fibers, and a great piece of Moda sampler fabric.  Last but not least, inside the turquoise box, is a lovely silver and purple (opal?) pendant.  Connie, you absolutely went way overboard, but I love, love everything you sent.  You asked me very early on to give you some idea of what I’d like, but I’m so happy that you did it your way.  Even the card you sent was perfect for me!  I would not be happier if I’d gone to the shop myself.  Thank you SO much!    

I’ve done a little (pun intended) stitching since the last post!  Here’s Merry Christmas by La D Da from the 2009 JCS Ornament magazine. 
Peppermint Twist from the LHN 2009 All Dolled Up collection.  I still need to add the button to the center, but since I’ve done this collection over one, it’s smaller than the called for button.  I need to check my stash to see what will work maybe tiny jingle bells??  I think that’s what Faye used.  May I borrow your idea, Faye?   
Thanks for stopping by today to visit and I always love your Needler’s Points. 
*This Christmas and always, may you be surrounded by the gift of friendship, the joys of family, and the spirit of love.”
and Happy Stitching


  1. Oh you lucky lady!!! What a great Secret Santa you have! The verse is truly a very nice one. And your stitching is great!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Charlene....I am so glad you loved is always so hard to decide what to get someone you don't I always get everything that I would like to have and hope it goes over well....and this time SUCCESS!! LOL!! Enjoy your treats and the holiday!

  3. Oooo, what a LOVELY Christmas package! Are you just sitting around playing with it, still? I know I would be!

    Love your finishes! Yes, Faye had the BEST topping idea for the candy cane...I thought the button ones were a little "too much" peppermint and the buttons I saw in person were a little "screwy" and not as attractive as the model photo.

  4. What great stash! Love your finishes too...I just love the Merry Christmas one.

    I so wish I could go to the Stitch & Frame tomorrow...hope you can find some great stash!

    merry christmas....

  5. What a wonderful treat to find on your doorstep! Both of your finishes are beautful as well!

  6. Wow!! That is an awesome Secret Santa~~~ Love it all....And yes, of course, you can "use" my jingle bell idea...!!!

    Have an awesome time tomorrow....Wish I could go with you......... I still want to visit that shop~~

    Take care, Faye

  7. That is one great secret Santa package. Apparently you've been a good girl.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Wow!! What an awesome package! Good for you. :) Congrats on the finish!

  9. What fun and such a great package from your Secret Santa.

    Enjoy the Season.


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