Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stitching or Sleeping?

Edited to show dying results:

April 14 was the New Moon and time for a TUSAL update.  Can you see the hint of spring in colors?  Want to join in, click the link above?
I’ve been trying to make myself go to bed earlier these days, hard as it is because I LOVE to stitch and watch TV.  Most of the shows I watch are recorded, so that does help some, but not being able to stitch longer puts a damper on my fun!  I do still love to sleep in on the weekend – at least until 8:ish, but I guess the up-side is that this morning, Saturday, Pixie just couldn’t hold it any longer, so we had to get up at about 7:00.  Are you asking why the earlier bed time?  Well, I’ve been lazy at getting to work on time, and they say it helps with appearance (puffy, dark circled eyes and even weight).  I’ll let you know if I see any improvement…
This week I’ve been stitching a spring freebie 2010 Carrot from The Cricket CollectionI stitched it on one of the pieces I coffee/tea dyed last week, too.  Isn’t it nice?  Speaking of coffee dying, did I show you the results?  Here's the linen and below is the tie back. 
Have you heard of dying with onion skins?  I only had about four yellow (skinned here) onions, so didn’t think it would cook up very well, but I put them in a dish with water and into the microwave for two minutes last night.  This morning I took a look, and the water was a golden yellow color.  I grabbed a piece of fabric and dunked it in, nuked it for two minutes, swished it around again and nuked it for three additional minutes.  We’ll see what we’ve got a little later. 

I only did two pieces - the larger is the one that got nuked (right below), the smaller got put in the vat above for a couple of hours (left below).

It has been so long since I’ve gone shopping, but I have no decent work clothes, lots of stash, but no work clothes!  So I’m going to take this early Saturday and go see if there’s anything out there to cover this fat behind… and I may as well do a quick search before I leave to see if there are any needlework shops along the path I’ll be taking; right?  Probably not since they’re few and far between and I have THE Best right here at home – but maybe a thrift store?? 

I did find a few things to wear, so we'll count that a success...but four thrift stores - found nothing! 

Thanks for stopping in today, and thank you for all your kind words!

d Happy Stitching!


  1. Love that carrot, Charlene! I smiled while reading your onion tale as it reminded me of my high school (long ago) chemistry project on natural dyes. Beets work well too...... And if my GKs are any proof, so must spaghetti sauce! Have fun shopping.

  2. Your carrot is very cute!! Your coffee dying came out great. I'm going to be very interested to see what results from the onion dying. It's amazing what we can find to use for dying, but onions aren't something that I'd every heard before.

  3. Great TU SAL update! I love the cute carrot finish too! The onion dyeing sounds interesting, you must show us what it turns out like!

  4. Your carrot finish looks lovely and great job on the dyeing fabrics.

    Hope the shopping was a success today.

  5. Wow - carrot is adorable. TUSAL is cool and I love the fabrics!

  6. What a cute carrot finish! Neat idea about the fabric--never heard of onion dyeing!

  7. Hey Girlfried! Thanks for the onion dying tip. Who woulda thunk? I hope you're well. Miss ya.

  8. HEY LADY!! Is it time to go back to the montains? You did a great job on the dying! Onions, WOW! I love the carrot too.


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