Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sun Shining

The sun is shining beautifully out the window…and it’s only 45`, but that’s better than it could be; right?
We had a bit of a snow event ~ everyone was saying, oh, it snowed on this day in March last year…  It snowed wet, heavy stuff, but pretty to watch, from about 10 am Monday until after midnight.  Since it had been a little warmer, the results only caused a two-hour delay for work.  This is how it looked around midnight.
I’m sorry to say I’m dropping out of the Round Robin for the Weather Poems.  As generous and kind as Ally is, and as sweet and pretty as the graphs are, I just don’t think I can handle twelve of these.  I’ve stitched for hours and hours on this little March chart, and see what’s finished? 
After that decision, I picked up Paulette’s Trifle (Plum Street Samplers) and began happily stitching away with DMC #48.
Want to see a little of the stash I’ve collected over the last little while.  These are some finishing fabbies and a few linens…

…and speaking of Paulette, on her blog she recommended some soaps from Wendy at BeSem Natural Scents.  With the cold weather induced dry skin, and all the butters and oils included in these little beauties, I had to give them a try. They arrived quickly, and they are THE best smelling, soapy, soothing soaps I’ve tried!  Wendy offers a ‘sample pack’ so that you can give several a try to pick your favorites!  She also threw in an extra-Pine.  I also got the Travel Bar, but it's in the shower - and yes, I did use it to wash my hair, too - as a test to see if it would really be a sub for shampoo bottles in the cosmetics case!  Yep, believe it can.
Thanks for stopping by, friends!  I really appreciate all your tips, suggestions, and concern last week, and have put some to the test.  Will let you know how they work out - and I am feeling better.  Hugs and love to y'all.

Happy Stitching!



  1. It's supposed to be getting warmer here this weekend. Hope it rolls your way, too. I started dropping a lot of the obligations I had, too. And now I do the ones I want to. Hope you're on the mend and feeling better bit by bit. Love the new stash and new start - how pretty. I absolutely love Plum Street - the designs and her blog. She's so darn funny! Take care.

  2. Oh my goodness at the work in the RR! And you were supposed to do 12 such?
    I love Plum Street Samplers! LoL! Y'think?
    We have been having sun this week, and it makes me want to do literally everything; maybe if I would stop trying to do that I would get more done? :)
    Have a great weekend! Oh, and I have to admit, I haven't "bathed" with the chunky soaps yet..but as many bars as I have at the sinks you would think a dozen people lived in this house.

  3. I think you did the right thing dropping out of the round robin, Charlene. Stitching is supposed to relax us, not give us anxiety, right?

    Love all of your new fabrics and the new WIP--such a bright, springy color!

  4. Hi Charlene,
    Glad you are feeling better. Love your WIPS. Especially Trifle and the color you are using. So pretty. Nice stash too. I am going to have to eventually give in and order some of these soaps. So many people are raving about them in blogland...they must be really good. :)

  5. Oh, Charlene, thank you so much for the soap link. I need a good one so I can add some soap to all the dishcloths I've knit lately. I sure know what you mean about detailed projects. My Christmas SAL is much more labor instensive than I expected. I only have 2 letters done so far and 24 more to go. Ack!

  6. LOL - snow in March? Ah well, Easter is just around the corner honey! So sorry you felt you had to drop out of the RR; you had gotten so far with March too! Love Paulette's trifle though - such a pretty colour. I saw those soaps mentioned on her blog; do you think they'll ship to Scotland? Big hugs, Ally xxx

  7. Sometimes projects just don't talk to us. I have a hard time keeping up with SALs, but then later will pick it up and finish it at my own leisure. Perhaps you will do that with those designs. And I like your new start! And the fabrics are wonderful!! Nothing better than a new stash of fabrics. And I'm going to have to try that soap! Hopefully it works on sensitive skin - I can only use certain ones, but I've heard good things about this soap.

  8. Hey Charlene! Is it time for Camp yet?? Can't wait. You'll have to check out the Soap Shed in Spruce Pine too! They have great soaps too! Love Paulette's Trifle! Wow at the stash! You go girl! I don't know how you get so much done!
    Keep up the great job & I'll see you soon!

  9. Hope you continue to get better.

    Both WIP's are looking lovely and great stash collection.

  10. Your WIP and the RR look great. That is a lot of work for a RR!

    I definitely need to try that soap out!

  11. The PSS trifle is lovely. I like the color you are using.

    With my extremely dry sky and chapped hands I have a hard time with soaps. Especially if they have scents. I can't use most since they trigger and sthma attack. :(
    Do you know if she has unscented?

  12. You and I think alot alike...Paulette is my HERO and I love Plum Street designs~~~ I have nominated you for an award my friend....Go to my blog and check it out~~~ You deserve it! Faye

  13. Oh lovely fabrics and linens and those soaps sound wonderful, I love handmade soap.

    Take a peek at my blog you have an award!!

  14. Hi Charlene!

    I'm sooo glad you like the soaps! Not that I made them or anything, but you know what I mean! They're great!

    And THANK YOU for such a sweet award! :)



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