Saturday, January 16, 2010


[Edited today to replace finished picture, forgot to include TuSAL, and to include finished an ornament.]
I’m looking forward to having Monday off work – MLK Day, but don’t tell anyone.  I just want to spend the day doing nothing but stitching!  Ssshhhh - Do you hear that nagging voice in the background asking about organizing the craft room?  Oh, they called for a reminder that Pixie has grooming on Monday, but at least it’s afternoon.

I started out last weekend stitching the “A” from Brookes’ Books Alphabet Series SAL.  Decided to wait until the end to add beads since I’m using Q-Snaps and the beads may get crushed, so it doesn’t really look finished, but all the stitching is done. The goal is to have A and B done in January.

Next I worked on part 2 of the NeedleMania 2 – one of the girls has finished part 8 – and it’s a nine-part series!  It’s not difficult, but my stitching rate is probably in the slower percentile of slow!  It’s not finished either, but when it is I’ll be stitching an ornament of some sort.  Did I show you the Blackbird Design needlebook?  Here it is. 
 Here's the ornament I stitched while watching New Orleans whip Arizona!  Everything Loved by Stitch Wiz done on pink 18ct with DMC.
The Gift of Stitching is an on-line cross stitch magazine that I subscribe to, and have bought the previous years, too.  I decided one day to browse through some of the previous issues to see if there was something to fit the bill of the Ornament a Month SAL challenge.  WOW, was there ever!!  There are so many great projects in this magazine, and I tend to forget which ones fit the need of what I’m looking for so a good browsing once in a while is a very good thing.

Did I tell you that the enabler, Edgar, over at Blacksheep’s bit of the web, enticed me into Carriage House Samplings, Alphabet Blocks?  And a sale at Down Sunshine Lane got me on a few others – Primitive Needle’s Tombstone Spots and LaDDa Girl in the Red Dress and A Penny Saved.  Enough stash for the New Year; right? 

Do you know that Gentle Arts is now putting up their has Sampler Threads in 10-yard skeins?  I noticed them on Anita’s Little Stitches.  Check out her blog for this and other new items that she has!

I forgot to include my TuSAL for January, so here it is.

I’m going blog hopping now, then stitching and watching the football playoffs in a little while.  I hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever it is your heart desires! 

Thank you for stopping by and do come back again soon!      
d Happy Stitching!


  1. Needlemania 2 looks great. And nice start on the BB SAL.

    How big is the BBD needlebook going to be? The stitching looks tiny!

    Nice stash haul. And if you think that's enough for the New Year you're self control powers are formidable!

  2. I know I've said it before but I really like your blog music.

    Thanks so much for the touching email. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend!

  3. I agree...the Carriage House ABC piece is a winner!!! I NEED to do it also!~lol.... Hey, we are in the beautiful state of SC right now for Mid-Winter SOS just shagging the night away!! So, hey to you!~~ Faye

  4. Wow! Gorgeous progress on your WIPs, Charlene! Great stashing, too.

  5. Hi Charlene! Just doing my daily blog hopping, enjoying yours and saw you stitched up one of my little freebies! I love to see that. I need to put some more up, I've been so busy designing a new large sampler.

    Great stitching and I love your stash add ons!

  6. You bad girl for tempting me! I have a "thing" for alphabet charts and the tombstone one is also great.


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