Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let the Count Down Begin

Christmas is only a few short days away, and no one has mentioned this directly to me, other than Mom asking carefully, “Is the party supposed to be at your house this year?  You can have it here if you’d rather.”  Why carefully, you ask.  There are years when I am a Christmas Scrooge, but so far this year has been going along rather nicely.

Remember, Thanksgiving was here at our house, and I enjoyed it very much.  Reason being?  I didn’t knock myself out trying to make the house sparkle and the food taste like Martha had helped.  I did the bare minimum – made the house look like people really do live here, and cooked the way I like to eat. 

My great LNS, Stitch and Frame, gives those who are registered a certificate for 20% off a complete project during their birthday month.  Since this is my month, I decided (a while back) it would be for Rosewood Manor’s Quaker Diamonds.  One of the girls at stitch night Tuesday was working on it, and it is so pretty!  When will I stitch it?  Don’t know, but it’s in my stash now!

I am still working on Fanny and Company’s Sewing Box.  Someone asked if it is for Christmas, and no, it’s for another project after the first of the year, but will wait until a little later to show that to you.  

The Santa Sampler is also  getting a few stitches now and again.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you're having a great weekend doing everything you enjoy! 

Happy Stitching
Charlene in SC USA

My last cigarette was on November 13, 2009. 



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  1. You will love the Quakers and Diamonds! I started it and have done 2 medallions and love working with the Valdani threads... It will a project that I will have to spread over time...large piece...I am doing in on the specified 28 ct hand dyed linen....I look forward to your progress!~~ Faye

  2. Charlene, all of your projects are coming along beautifully!

    Yeah that thing called Christmas is coming along a little too quickly for my tastes! Ack! I'm so not ready!

    I love Rosewood Manor's stuff!

  3. Smart idea about the holidays - when you kill yourself the whole time, you don't have a chance to enjoy your loved ones being there. Love the Q and D and your progress on your stitching looks great!

  4. No matter where you gather, the point is that you are together.

    We are thinking taking our 'act' on the road this year. Just for something different and to have some time together away from life's hub-bub. With our families spread out all over it makes for a perfect opportunity~

    The Sewing Box project is really cute.

    Hugs to you and arf, arf to Pixie.

  5. Countdown is right! Our neighbor has a digital readout that we see on every downhill trip; the first time I thought it was a thermometer, but nope. Now it's in the teens which is way too cold for here. Have a happy week. I love watching what your doing as they are always so pretty!

  6. I think the reasons why you enjoyed your Thanksgiving is why I enjoy it... you don't have to knock yourself out making sure everybody gets the right gifts, that the house is properly decked out for the holidays, yada yada yada. It is a LOT of work for the females, I think!! Even though I do have a very helpful DH, it is still exhausting for me.

    Your stitching is beautiful!


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