Saturday, December 19, 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… more in some places than others!  Around here, it’s coming along slowly, but it is coming!  I’ve been working on a menu and grocery list, plans for decorating running through my mind and stitching very little.  Late, you say?  Yes, quite, but that’s the way it has gone this year.

A few stitches added to the Sewing Box - right.

Finished the Shepherd's Bush ~ Snow for a former coworker.  She got it and was very pleased.

Started a new ornament, and think it will be a surprise - unless someone cares to guess what it is :-)  

I've had a birthday since the last post - I'm 56.  Seeing that in print looks SO old, but most of the time I honestly don't feel how I think that age should feel!  It was quite nice, but very uneventful.  Celebrated with the family the evening before with dinner and gifts.  Got some lovely Christmas serving dishes from Mom and an electric drill/screwdriver from Dad (wish I'd had it when putting up the new curtain rods), and a fantastic universal remote control from DS.  His comment was something like it made him tired to watch me juggle three remotes to watch TV.  The child (yes, he's 28 - ah ha - half my age) always comes up with the Best surprises!! 

Our LNS stitch night was on the actual date, so that's where I chose to be.  It was Christmas goodies' night, so we each brought some snack foods.  One of the girls was in a terrible auto accident in November (broken back, etc.) and she was able to be there in her body cast with the assistance of her DH.

Just a little blog surfing, then it's time to get up and busy.  Thank you for coming by.  I appreciate your visits and especially your comments.  Hope you'll come back again, soon!

Merry Christmas to everyone ~ I wish for you a season filled with peace ~ love ~ joy

Happy Stitching

Charlene in SC USA


  1. Might you be stitching a candy cane? A belated Happy Birthday, Charlene!

  2. The Snow ornie looks lovely. Happy belated birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charlene! Belated or not, you are NOT old...because if you are old, then I am old...and I'm not! LOL Your needle work is gorgeous! Keep up the great will live past all of us!

  4. Happy Birthday! You are right, one is only as old as one feels. For me, that is still somewhere in my 20s. I will be 38 on my next b-day in the spring.

    Beautiful stitching on Snow!

    I will take a guess and say you are stitching something dealing with candy canes, but that is about Looking forward to the finish!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the ornie, too. Hate I missed the special open house - maybe another time. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Love your SNOW by SB! After noseying around your blog I joined the Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. I'd love to join in on the ornament a month; would be very encouraging!


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