Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Arrives

As November dawns, there may begin some angst about the looming holiday season, especially the stitching of gifts.  How many of our WIPs are Christmas related and what do we have in the stash for the holidays?  I really enjoyed the Spinster Stitcher's take on the topic. 

If you think you really need longer than the six weeks or so remaining, I see that the Bride's Tree Blog has openings for members to join. The Bride’s Tree is a German tradition. It is believed that a couple’s Christmas tree needs twelve specific ornaments for happiness in their life journey together.  The intent is to complete an ornament a month, but there’s no pressure here.  I was a member of this group in the past, and did complete the set of 12 Best Wishes Ornaments by Rosewood Manor.  You can see them here  if you like.

I’m continuing to stitch the NovaLee Christmas Noel SAL, using DMC on Vikki Clayton’s 35ct linen in off white with the Let’s Stitch blog group on Friday night.  Eight parts have been issued, and that's what I stitched most of last night.

I also started the Shepherd's Bush Occasional Musings, Baby.  It's on a piece of light teal and I just picked colors from what was sitting around that I liked... 

Started taking Chantix on Sunday, November 1, and have been able to notice a real difference in the desire to smoke.  A typical break would be once every couple of hours at home, but noticed longer intervals. 

I was also able to leave home without a ‘fresh pack’ when there were only a few left in the old pack.  I went back to work Tuesday from the weekend and sick leave Monday, and at mid-afternoon in the day I’ve usually had at least five, and now only had three.  I’m trying to drink more; especially water.
Are there side effects?  The only thing I've been distracted by are a little nausea if I don't eat with the pill, and bothersome restless legs at bedtime.  So here we are on Saturday.  Tomorrow, Nov 8, is the goal date to stop completely.  Throughout the week, I've continued to have roughly five per day.
Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Y'all come back again soon! 



  1. Your SAL piece is looking better and better!

    Stick with it! You can quit smoking!

  2. Really beautiful work.

    Good job on quitting smoking. Keep it up.

  3. Thanks for the Bride Tree reminder; I was going to do them sometime, and since we're having a bride in 2010, that'd be a good time. Good luck with your quiting; I know you can do it!

  4. CHARLENE YOU WON MY PUMPKIN GIVE AWAY. EMAIL ME YOUR SNAIL MAIL ASAP AND I WILL GET THE PRIZE IN THE POST FOR YOU. Congratulations and thank you for joining in, I have emailed you privately too.

  5. Isn't it funny how the holidays just seem to sneak up on us? LOL.

    The SAL is really pretty. So much stitching!

    Good for you and you're still not smoking.

  6. Coucou !

    il est vraiment beau, le sal de novalee ,-) Il faut que je le commence ,-)

    de bien belles broderies !

    Bonne soirée !

  7. That's so awesome about the smoking - such good progress already! Love the SAL - so pretty. Baby has a good start, too. Yes, I'm panicking at the thought of everything being so close, but that's the way it is! Love visiting your friend's blog with her unique take. LOL

  8. Love your stitching! Good luck on your no smoking journey. You can do it!!! :)

  9. Well, it takes a very strong will to stop smoking... Here's one thing I know... One trick? Imagine all the luxurious stash you could acquire thanks to all the money saved on cigarettes! And even weekends spent at the sea or wherever and the real pleasure to breathe in. And the wonderful smell of you breath now that you don't smoke any more. And how your clothes smell good too.
    Well, I think I could find many other advantages... But the biggest one is to be able to tell people that you have been very brave and strong because you have quit smoking. This is a delightful and rewarding achievement.
    You have all my encouragements there. :D
    Wonderful stitching there. I'm off to check the Spinster Stitcher link. I'm curious...

  10. Charlene, Love your stitching projects! It's good to meet you. We have some stitching friends in common. You look sooo familiar to me. Were you ever in Mass.?? Did we meet at a stitching get-away or something??? Deb

  11. Hi Charlene, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your stitching is beautiful, I'll come back often. Congratulations on your choice to quit smoking. Hope it goes well! The year I quit smoking I got more stitching done than ever before :)

  12. Your design is beautiful! Best of luck sticking with the changes to help you quit smoking.

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  14. Congrats on your progress-- especially on the kick-smoking move. Here's hoping the side effects pass quickly so you can be 100% and all happy soon.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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