Saturday, October 3, 2009

What? October!

The weather has shown the character of autumn in South Carolina this week with night-time lows mid-upper forties and highs around high sixties to seventy ranges.  It’s really awesome – my favorite time of year.  Of course, it won’t stay this way for a while.  We’ll have lots of warmer days, but the preview is spectacular!

During my morning ritual Wednesday I bent over to dry and take the towel off my hair, and when I stood up my back went out.  Oh, man, the pain!  Of course this is one of the days my chiropractor has afternoon hours, and I couldn’t get in until 6:00 pm.  She was surprised since my ‘issues’ are usually neck and shoulders.  One of my legs was ¾ inch longer than the other it was out so much.  She got that fixed and it felt so much better, but it’s still recuperating.  Depending on my position, and standing from sitting is still painful.  One good thing is that my stitching chair is the most comfortable place to be – so that’s where I’m heading when this is finished!

I’ve been working on Tea with the Queen this week.  I think it’s coming along very nicely.

Thanks for stopping by today, and come back soon!    



  1. OUCH! Charlene, I know how that is! Hope you are feeling better---but it's a great reason to stay put in that stitching chair...I would recuperate for at least a week lol!
    your stitching looks great!


  2. Glad your back is feeling better, Charlene....been there with that and it's not fun. Take care and enjoy the "forced" stitching.

  3. take care of that back!!! And I love the queenly stitching you have been doing!~ Nice here in NC toooo!~ Faye

  4. Charlene, your class piece is looking beautiful! I agree you should recouperate in your stitching chair!

  5. Ouch...take care. So glad you can still stitch.

  6. take care...your stitching progress looks gorgeous

  7. Thanks everyone! I do feel some healing relief, and got a good bit more stitching done... maybe more today!

  8. Well that sucks! I know you hate those kinds of days. Glad you're feeling better.

    Enjoy your stitching - the sampler is lovely. Hugs

  9. Ouch, Charlene! Hope you're back to normal soon...your TWTQ is beautiful. I can't get back to mine until I finish Zentangle, as I'm running out of time!

  10. Hey Lady! So sorry to hear about your back! OUCH! take it easy and hold down the stitching chair!

    Your TWTQ piece is coming along nicely! I doubt I'll get to pick mine back up till after the new year.

    Feel better soon!


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