Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Update - TUSAL

It seems as if autumn has made its grand appearance.  It has been cool and rainy most of the week and today is supposed to be cloudy with high of 50s.  There may be record lows over the weekend, which is in the 40s I believe.   There was a note in the local paper that said the prediction is for cooler and more snow than normal for us this winter. That’s ok with me!

It has been a great stitching (related) week!  I joined a new group – TUSAL – Totally Useless Stitch ALong – over at Dragon My Needle.  Ive watched it for a while now, and finally decided I had to join, too.  In August of  2008 I started an ORT jar, so on December 31, I made an ornament. 

This week I finished the Peace Christmas tree – Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue by Sue Hillis.  The pearl buttons in my stash were just not small enough, so I used the pearl stars with white beads to finish it off.

I also finished Trix or Treat by Blackbird Designs on 28ct linen in Tobacco and just love this color.

I got a call from my LNS telling me my Putford scissors had come in, so I went to the sight to see what else was on Just Arrived and made a list!  Stash building is SO much fun... I got Plumstreet Samplers Garden of Erie and Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler - although it really doesnt look much like Halloween to me - and a couple of others that will be surprises ;-).
On some fine stitcher's enabling blog, I saw the Prairie Schooler Pumpkins chart, and after searching found that it is out of print (OOP.  Finally found it on ebay, such a happy camper.  Also found a laying tool made to look like a needle.
I hope you'll pardon the misplaced apostrophes, lines, pictures, and such.  Blogger (or this font) just isn't working well for me today! 

I hope it is a nice stitching day where you are – it is here, but theres a birthday party to get ready for but later.  Thanks for dropping by today, and do come again soon. 

Charlene in SC USA


  1. Hi neighbor!!!! I am so glad to know we are not far apart-I thought we lived much further apart and if you had not mentioned on my blog about Carol I would continue to think that :)

    Your stitching looks GREAT :)

    I could use some sunshine :) It's been damp and cool far too long for my liking :)

    Have fun at the B-day party and maybe we'll talk soon :)

  2. Glad to see you joined TUSAL, Charlene. What a great idea to use ORTS in a Christmas ornie.

  3. Cute ornament with the orts! I need to try that some time. I love your finishes, and the new stash if fabulous! I also bought the Garden of Eerie and Jenny Bean's Halloween. Such cute designs. I love PS and this is the first time I've seen their Pumpkins chart, too. I wish they'd rerelease some of the older stuff.

  4. Love the Peace Tree and the Monster March is just fantastic.

  5. Love the orts and ornie jar! Great stitching - have fun at the party! And I'm soooo glad to see the sun today!

  6. Your two finishes look great!!! Stashing is always so much fun!

  7. Charlene you are ABSOLUTELY brilliant! Completely, absolutely, and inspirationally brilliant.

    An ort ornie. OMG I must have one. Well, since I have to life for 257 years just to complete the stash I have now, I bet I can expect to create somewhere upwards of 257 ort ornies! OMG I must do this next year!!! Love it, love it love it!

  8. Charlene,

    First. Thank you for your comment on my blog and entering my giveaway.
    Second. Ilove your orts Christmas ornament. I make these as well. And I do beieve you are the first person I have seen posting one. :)
    Love the Peace ornament you stitched. It is just lovely.


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