Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Ready!

Sing along with me, won’t you?

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go,
I’m standing here outside the door,
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye….

No, I’m not leaving on a jet plane, but I’m headed to the Weekend Getaway, Tea with the Queen. Lucky, lucky, me, it’s in my home town, so I don’t have far to go – could you tell that by the bags? At least there’s no clothing luggage!  But just wait, there will be something I don't have with me...

I’ve only been to one ‘cross stitching’ retreat, but I truly had a great time and it was a good learning experience for me! Love that linen!! A great thing about this one is I know I’m getting to meet an online friend, Carolyn, and possibly others, too. Sometimes we know each other by ‘screen’ names but not necessarily by birth names.

A bit of a stitching update. I stitched and completed this last year for Halloween, but was never happy with the way the words across the top, Let’s all Do the Monster March, blended in with the fabric. I took it apart and stitched with some shiny Kreinik around the black part of the lettering, and it looks SO much better. I probably should have taken photos before framing, but we’ll see if I can get a reasonable shot.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon!



  1. That monster march is way too cute! Have a great time at the retreat....I'm so jealous!

  2. How fun! I hope you have a wonderful time. It will do you good to get away.

    The monsters are darling. Countless hours in that one, huh?

    Arf, Arf to Pixie.

  3. Hope you're having a great time. Be sure and let us know how everything went. BTW, do you have a source of linen at a good (i.e., cheap) price?

  4. Hey Lady! I found you! Loved the monsters! Pictures just DO NOT do them justice!

    Had a great time, glad we got to meet again! LOL

    See you soon!

  5. Nice stitching, I feel like halloween allready

  6. The "monster march" is simply adorable.

    I just starting collecting halloween stuffs early this year and I can't get them out of my system. Looking forward to stitch scary ornies soon.

    I bet you had a great time at the retreat. Would love to see what you made there.:)

    And lastly, thanks for dropping by my blog.


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