Saturday, June 13, 2009

Floss Tag Swap

I took part in the Floss Tag Swap at the Yahoo Friendly Stitchers' Group, and I'm so glad! I received this "Thread Keeper" from Abi. Isn't she lovely? She also sent beautiful Dinky-Dyes silk threads that I haven't used before...but I will !! Thank you SO much, Abi. I love her!!



  1. Oh, wow, Abi did a great job. I can see why you just love it, Charlene. :)

  2. Beautiful!!! And you're going to love the Dinky Dyes thread - I fell in LOVE with them myself. They're wonderful to stitch with

  3. Hey YOU! Gosh, it's good to see you posting. Cute, thread keeper - and a great idea too!

    Obviously, I've missed a few other postings. I've become such a shut in. LOL.

    What a darling grandpuppy you have - and sooooo big - goodness! LOL. I bet Pixie keeps him in line though.

    Take care. Miss ya.

  4. wow - what a lovely floss tag - Abi certainly did you proud.

  5. So glad you like the 'thread keeper', Charlene! I love Dinky Dyes silks myself so I knew you would enjoy them too! :-)


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