Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bride's Tree Ornaments - Finished

Today I want to share with you the finished results of the ornaments I've stitched this year as a member of the Bride's Tree SAL group. You can click this to see my postings as the year went along.

This isn't be the best way to display the set, but it does show them as a group. I did buy the tree for them, but they're larger than I anticipated, so the tree will come in handy for other ornaments. My plan is for these to go into my son's "hope chest" to give to his wife on their first Christmas some day in the future.

Click on the images to see a little better. This one shows the tiny tatted ring I made for each as a hanger. They will be best with an actual hanger, which I will include, but for now they're hung by the thread.

~Happy Stitching~


  1. You finished in time, hurrah! They're beautiful, Charlene. This is such a great idea....have to try it sometime. The moon never showed its face was trying to SNOW!

  2. They are beautiful, Charlene. How nice that you are putting them in your son's hope chest.

  3. These are just darling. What a wonderful gift this will make for your DS now, and for 'their' future.

  4. Great that you got so much accomplished here. Good for you! And I love your tatted ring.

  5. Beautiful work! I'm so excited to do this SAL. Meagan =)


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